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Joan Rivers Dies At Age 81

She was groundbreaking, controversial, outspoken, witty and ahead of her time. She was quick. She was funny as hell. Her razor-sharp humor and wit could cut through any form of dullness.

15 Best True Story Movies

While movies based on real-life events could technically be considered yet another category of “recycled” content, when placed in the hands of the right director and actors, the truth can be far more compelling than fiction.

11 Most Illogical Movie Endings

Searching for a lost mate in Las Vegas couldn’t have been more adventurous, but finding him after 2 days of hysterical search, on the roof of your hotel couldn’t have given the film a more irrational end.

Dumb & Dumber – The 15 Dumbest Movie Titles

It's not hard to think of movies with dumber than dumb titles, but there are a few that stand out even among the dumbest. The following 15 titles are the uber-dumb of the dumbest titles; the movie titles that are so dumb you just have to shake your head wondering what the movie's producer was thinking.

30 most successful TV shows of all time

The 30 most successful television shows of all time include a range of genres from variety hours to news programming, dramas and even animated comedies. Let's take a look!

Movies Sequels that You Liked Better Than the Originals

Some people refuse to watch movie sequels because they fall short of the original’s greatness. However, this ideology does not ring true. Many sequels surpass the prequels in quality, action and murder. The following 25 sequels below all outshined the originals.

7 Most Famous TV Doctors of All Time

They're not really doctors, they just play them on TV. The seven most famous TV doctors of all time make the job of saving people's lives look incredibly easy, and in the case of some of the doctors on this list, incredibly sexy, too.