12 Hollywood Celebrities Related To Royalty


8. Michael Douglas

Taking his place with Hilary Duff and Ellen DeGeneres, it appears that Michael Douglas is also related to Edward III of England. This king’s genes certainly have some staying power! In fact, it does make people wonder if such success could be inherited!

Douglas is one of Hollywood’s most famous leading men. He’s appeared in numerous hit films and is currently married to Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones who, if not royal herself, certainly gives the impression she is! Douglas is related to one of England’s longest ruling monarchs.

He himself has reigned in Hollywood for decades. Edward may have started the War of the Roses, but Douglas acted rather well in the film “War of the Roses.”

Due to Douglas’s connection to Edward III, he is actually Queen Elizabeth II’s 19th cousin. This Hollywood royal is actually related to genuine British royalty. While Edward had his ups and downs, so has Douglas. Perhaps tumultuous careers and personal lives are inherited! Even so, many people aren’t surprised to find out that this great actor is descended from greatness himself.

Having such noble connections doesn’t seem to affect Douglas overly much. His friends say he’s still pretty down to earth in spite of his royal bloodlines.