12 Hollywood Celebrities Related To Royalty


9. Tom Hanks

Many people may not be surprised that this Hollywood A-lister is, in fact, a relation of the medieval King John of England. Hanks is known for many roles, of course, but he’s not known for his royal connections.

Perhaps that will all change now that his fans know about his illustrious heritage.

King John of England was the youngest son of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. King John inherited the throne as his father’s favorite child. He hadn’t been intended to be king until his brothers’ unsuccessful rebellion.

King John is often treated rather poorly by Hollywood and appears as a villain in various Robin Hood depictions. While his ancestor does not enjoy a great Hollywood reputation, Hanks certainly does. King John was also not especially successful as a king and lost much of his father’s territory.

Hanks, also a relation of Henry II, has been far more successful during his career. His films have grossed well over 4.5 billion dollars in the U.S. alone. Wouldn’t King John have loved to get his hands on some of that haul! Hanks is still going strong, too, so there’s no telling how much more he’ll add to Hollywood’s coffers!