12 Hollywood Celebrities Related To Royalty


7. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is another Hollywood celebrity with connections to royalty. She, like Ellen DeGeneres, is related to Edward the III. Edward took the throne at the age of fourteen. Similarly, Duff began her acting career as a child appearing in commercials.

Edward, like most monarchs, faced considerable tumult in his life. In fact, having been denied sovereignty of France which he believed her was owed, he embarked on what has been dubbed the Hundred Years War.

While the king’s early reign was marked by success and energy, his later reign has not be remembered as successful. His forces suffered many defeats abroad and his rule at home was filled with ups and downs.

Duff herself is no stranger to ups and downs. She recently separated from her husband of four years, though both are co-parenting their son. Her career, however, has been marked by many highpoints. She’s still famous for her role as Lizzie McGuire and his singing career has taken off too.

Apparently not just a pretty face, Duff has some pretty hefty royal connections to add to her family tree. With royalty in her distant background, she is even distantly related to the current Queen of England – Elizabeth II.