10 Times David Bowie Shocked The World


The world is still in shock after learning that the iconic David Bowie has died last week, and it probably won’t ever get used to the idea that the musical genius is no longer among us.

While we remember the magnificent character that he was, we must also pay our respects to all the times when he shocked us to our cores. He was a man who didn’t like doing things the usual way, and he was never the one to hold himself down and not express his inner universe to the fullest. These 10 moments are the ones where his inner universe caused an earthquake on planet Earth.

1. The Kraftwerk Mini Scandal

Back in 1976, Bowie was exploring the idea of Kraftwerk, one of the biggets names in electronic music that ever existed, to open for him on tour.

It takes some guts to turn Bowie down, and Kraftwerk had a lot of guts obviously.

Because he was experimenting with Krautrock sounds even before recording his Berlin trilogy with Brian Eno, Bowie was still very much into the idea of letting the crowd hear a few Kraftwerk beats before coming on stage.

And as always, the music icon did what he wanted to do. The fact that they turned his offer down wasn’t a thing that would stop Earth’s favorite alien, so he blasted their records into arenas before coming onstage, while screening Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou.