Top 15 Weird Things Celebrities Have Done While Under The Influence


2. Spielberg Tells Drew Barrymore To ‘Cover Herself Up’

Drew Barrymore smoked her first joint at the age of 10 and a half, and by 13 she was a full-blown drug addict addicted to cocaine.

At 14, Drew attempted suicide by slashing her wrists, and at 15 she was fully emancipated from her mother.

Today, Drew claims all the drugs and partying at such a young age were actually her way of getting away from mom.

Drew became a bona fide child star at the age of 6 when she played Gertie in Spielberg’s E.T. and by 1995 she had already posed for Playboy and flashed her breasts on the David Letterman chat show, prompting her godfather Spielberg to send her a note which read, “cover yourself up”.