Top 15 Craziest Ways Celebrities Keep So Slim


For celebs, staying fit is more important than to most of us, probably because their career depends on their figure. Whether they act, sing, or host TV shows, they tend to go much further to maintain their physique.

And since there are so many good looking celebs out there, we’ve decided to check what their methods of losing and maintaining weight are.

Without further ado, here are top 15 craziest ways celebrities keep so slim.

1. The Air Diet

This wouldn’t be so crazy if we didn’t include something completely wacky. While most of us usually eat less food to lose weight, certain people eat no food at all for the same result!

The most famous person among the latter is Madonna. The popular singer promotes the Air Diet as a completely normal and efficient way of losing weight.

This diet proposes that air is the only thing we really need, while allowing the consummation of water and salt soup.

Even though the aforementioned soup is full of minerals and perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on food, common sense tells us that breathing and drinking water can’t be too good for your health.