How Kim Went After Kanye

May 19, 2015


Kim Kardashian has revealed to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush that she actually pursued Kanye as there was an instant spark the first time they met.

“When I first met him, we worked on a project together and there was definitely a spark, but we were in other relationships and we kept our distance,” she said. “We stayed in touch here and there and then when he wasn’t in relationships, you know, it’s just our timing would always not really coincide,” the reality star said to Bush.

“And then, I think it was six months after I was newly single in like 2012, I was like why not? Like, what am I waiting for?” Kardashian continued.

Although Kim has been accused by Kanye’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose of sending him naked pictures of herself while West and Rose were dating, Kanye denied that anything like that ever happened.

After her short marriage to Kris Humphries, Kim wasn’t sure whether she was ready for another relationship but decided to call Kanye and the rest is, as they say, history. At least for now.