American Horror Story: Evan Peters Checked Into Hotel

April 27, 2015


The popular TV show “American Horror Story: Hotel” has another familiar face checked into it. The show’s alum, actor Evan Peters, has finally confirmed involvement with the project. Peters wasn’t too sure whether he’ll be up for the 5th season of AHS, but he’d decided not to let the fans down.

Director Ryan Murphy confirmed Peters’ involvement with the project via Twitter, thus making the young, popular actor one of two artists present in every season, in some capacity at least (along with Sarah Paulson).

It’s still unknown whether Peters will be a series regular or a guest star, since he will have a part in X-Men: Apocalypse”, in which he will reprise a role.

The general opinion is that the anticipated X Men movie will affect his availability for the popular American Horror Story franchise.

Apart from Paulson and Peters, a bunch of familiar AHS faces will be returning to the show, including the returning Coven alum Kathy Bates, Asylum star Chloe Sevigny, Freak Show guests Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer, along with new additions Cheyenne Jackson and even international superstar Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, legendary actress Jessica Lange confirmed that she won’t be making a series comeback, thus leaving a bunch of fans in dismay.

John Landgraf of FX Studios described American Horror Story’s Season 5 as an “unusually large reinvention” of the series.

Production on American Horror Story: Hotel will begin later this summer, in California.