20 Super Rich Celebrities Who Live A Surprisingly Humble Life

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Despite fame and fortune, many A-list celebrities do, in fact, practice responsible money-saving habits. While other celebrities are spending millions on expensive houses, cars, and exotic vacations, these public figures choose to lead more humble lives.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the City” fame is nothing like her character, Carrie Bradshaw.

While Carrie would never be caught dead out in public without her designer clothes and perfectly-styled hair, Sarah’s life is a more modest and humble existence.

While she may have a net worth of close to $100 million, she finds it difficult to forget her childhood, as her family of eight people were forced to live on welfare to survive.

As a child, she dreaded lunchtime while attending Clifton Elementary in Cincinnati, Ohio, as she would be ushered to the front of the lunch line in order to get her free meal ticket.

She still remembers the humiliation she felt to this day, and it has deeply impacted her lifestyle as an adult.

Sarah’s daily life consists of living in a Greenwich Village brownstone in New York City with her husband, actor Matthew Broderick, and their three children.

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Aside from some real state purchases, Sarah leads a surprisingly frugal and modest lifestyle. She makes down-to-earth and grounded financial choices, and doesn’t spend her money on private jets, expensive vacations, or fancy restaurants.

She is known for keeping all of the clothes that she wore as Carrie in “Sex and the City,” and she has spoken of dressing her children in mostly hand-me-downs.

With these frugal actions, it seems that Sarah’s fears of one day being broke again are unfounded.