Top 15 Most Expensive Divorces in Hollywood


10. Kevin Costner’s divorce from Cindy Silva – $80 million

College sweethearts, Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva, split up in 1994 after 16 years of marriage, 3 children together, and Costner’s repeated infidelities.

Costner and Silva’s story is an all-American, boy-meets-girl fairytale of two youngsters meeting at California State University in the mid 1970s.

In addition to Costner’s inability to do right by his wife, Silva was reportedly jealous of her husband’s attractive female co-stars, allegedly forbidding him to film any steamy scenes.

For a divorce that happened over 20 years ago, an $80 million settlement seems like a lot of cash, but Kevin successfully bounced back, and now sits at a comfortable $150 million.