12 Hollywood Celebrities Related To Royalty


6. Uma Thurman

How fitting that this lanky blond is directly descended from Edward Longshanks – also known as Edward I of England. Edward I ruled England from 1272 to 1307 and was also remembered as the ‘Hammer of the Scots.’

In fact, he is mainly remembered for his brutal treatment of the Scots. However, he also made Parliament a permanent fixture of government. Regarded as an imposing man (he was exceptionally tall for his era), Edward I was married to Eleanor of Castile and Margaret of France.

A member of the House of Plantagenet, Edward I had many children. He himself was the son of Henry III who reigned for fifty-six years on the English throne. Thurman is rather tall, of course, herself prompting on to wonder if she gets her height from her medieval ancestor.

If one looks closely at Thurman, one can easily imagine her cloaked in royal garb and doling out commands and edicts. She is rather an imposing actress in Hollywood; just consider her moves in “Kill Bill.” As one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, it’s quite fitting that Thurman can flaunt her royal bloodlines. This beauty is certainly queenly and she reigns on the screen in her own right!