12 Hollywood Celebrities Related To Royalty


4. Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has played a prime minister in the film “Love Actually,” so he understands a bit about ruling the masses like his ancestor Henry VII. This king of England ruled from 1485 to 1509 and was a monarch of the House of Tudor.

The father of notorious King Henry VIII, Henry VII won the throne after the Battle of Bosworth Field when he defeated Richard III.

As the founder of the Tudor Dynasty, Henry VII is the grandfather of Elizabeth I and was revered for the political stability he brought to his reign.

A connection to the House of Tudor is quite a thing for Grant. Yet it appears that’s not his only link to royalty. While grant is connected to Henry VII on his mother’s side, he also appears to be distantly related to James IV of Scotland.

James IV was a Stewart monarch who ruled from 1488 to 1513. He was the last monarch of Scotland and Great Britain for that matter to die in battle. Unlike Grant, however, the King was not clean shaven and preferred to wear his hair long. Perhaps Grant will consider changing his look to match his distant relation. In any case, he’s sure to flaunt his royal appearance quite handsomely.