You won’t believe these 10 actors almost died in 2013 – Here is how


Making films can be dangerous, especially when you’re trying to create action, noise and excitement. Despite technological advances, show business has an unavoidable element of risk that has plagued it since the days of vaudeville.

Here are some recent examples of performers who nearly had tragic endings trying to give the audience a good show:

1. “The Expendables 3″ Star Jason Statham Drives into the Black Sea

On an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Statham confessed to being at the helm of a runaway semi while filming “The Expendables 3.”

The truck drove right off the dock into the Black Sea. Able to free himself, Statham escaped unscathed.

The incident is just the latest chapter in a career characterized by extensive stunt and martial arts experience.

Statham has a reputation for doing his own stunts and combat scenes, having appeared in a long list of tough, anti-heroic roles requiring heavy action.

His performances include roles in “Revolver,” “Snatch,” “The Italian Job,” The Expendables” and “The Expendables 2,” to name only a few. Statham is also something of a champion for film stunt performers, having called for a category at the Oscars for them.

The film on which he was working when the incident happened, “The Expendables 3,” is an extravaganza with a gleaming cast including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford. Judging by the line-up, anyone can tell that this is going to be an action-filled film, so a certain amount of wear and tear is to be expected.

Statham undoubtedly regarded the incident as “all in a day’s work” and will gladly do it again if a scene calls for it.

  • The Critic In Me

    Am I the only one who realises that a lot of these people are not ACTORS? Perhaps Celebrities would have been a more accurate title.

  • G.Oseguera

    Not all of these were “on-set”

  • Tyrsca

    The definition of ACTOR is kind of loose in the article I think.

  • Adam L

    Only critics want serious actors? No not true. As history showed this movie bombed hugely.

  • Strict

    It should be every contract written that has to do with Hollywood if a filming do not hold insurrance liable hold all of Hollywood liable and whatever the movie makes 90% should be put into paying the national debt off.

  • Dale101usa

    ACTORS? Elton John is a musician. He was also described as a “songwriter”, but he sings and plays songs by Bernie Taupin, etc.

    • Ferrante Eric Fotografie

      Elton John IS a songwriter. He writes the music ( although he wrote some of the words to ” Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word “) and Bernie Taupin writes the lyrics from most of the songs he sings. He’s also worked with lyricist Tim Rice and other lyricist. For what you said to be true Richard Rodgers, Burt Bacharach, George Gershwin etc wouldn’t be considered songwriters. He acted in ” Tommy “

      • Dale101usa

        SONGWRITERS write the lyrics. That is a necessity.

        If someone else writes the melody, then he/she is a melody writer.

        You can take someone else’s pre-existing melody and write your own words to it. If someone is an actor, he/she acts all the time – he makes a CAREER of it.

        The really good people at songs write the words, create the melodies, and sing the songs – like Carly Simon does. Carly also played the piano and the guitar in many of her songs. Paul McCartney also does all of these in music, and so does Taylor Swift.

        Elton John is a MUSICIAN, and why do you feel the necessity to be argumentative about it? (You have also said “from” when you meant “for”, but that was just a typographical error.)

        I saw Carly Simon in a movie. She was just in one scene, and she didn’t say a word. She did get to slap Burt Reynolds in the face. Nevertheless, that did not make Carly an “actress”.

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    Hey man. I’m back. People will say hey man its like he was never gone. Sometimes I leave candy on my wife’s door steps but the Damn squirrel gets it.

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