Top 20 Greatest Kept Hollywood Secrets Of All Time


Hollywood’s a shady place sometimes. Artists, craftsman, politicians, and businessmen from all over the world converge on Los Angeles, California, ready to do battle over the almighty dollar.

Hollywood’s history is a story of backroom deals and secret affairs as tantalizing as anything the studios have churned out on film. Here are the ten best secrets Hollywood ever kept.

1. A Lot of Silver Screen Movie Stars Were Gay

Today we cheer when a rising star like Ellen Page declares to the world that she’s out and proud, but there was a time when even a suggestion of homosexuality was a death sentence for anyone’s career.

For whatever reason, theatrical communities have always had a thriving gay populace, and many of these talents found they had to keep their private lives private if they wanted to make the leap to the big screen.

For instance, actor Rock Hudson was a well known homosexual behind the scenes of Hollywood, and had to keep careful watch of what the media said about him.

Hudson never officially came out, but he became one of the first celebrities to die of AIDS-related illnesses in 1985.

Randolph Scott and Cary Grant famously lived together off and on for over ten years, leading to rumors of homosexuality that persist to this day. There are even accounts that acting gods Marlon Brando, Alec Guinness and Lawrence Olivier were bisexual at the very least.

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Brando admitted to having homosexual encounters during his life, though he never said who, but on the whole we’re left only with hearsay and secondhand accounts of who was gay and who was straight.

  • Neal

    the article points out that Rock Hudson died of AIDS–He did NOT get it from sex but from a blood transfusion. He had all his partners tested and NONE came up positive.

    • Jerry G 1085

      That may be true; I don’t know. Hudson had heart bypass surgery in the early 1980’s; his TV series “The Devlin Connection” was delayed for a year due to the surgery and Hudson’s recovery.

    • Austin

      didn’t one of his lovers sue him for giving it to him? Plus that seems like a far fetched story. Like how Liberace swore up and down he didn’t have aids but when he died, it was tested and came up positive. These people to their dying moment didn’t want the world to know how they really got it.

  • KyliesMom

    Are you kidding me? “Best kept Hollywood secrets of all time?” These are all pretty well known.

    • therealguyfaux

      “Secret” in the sense that, although things were rumored during their lifetimes, the truth about these people never emerged till they died. As for the stories involving living people– if you will notice, they are not verifiable, and as such, secrets are still being kept.

      • Jim

        Oh, baloney.

    • Hoot Gibson

      That’s what I was thinking :”What The F**K”? We all knew this stuff….

  • Sean

    It’s Ark, not Arc.

  • Jerry G 1085

    Brando was close friends with “Mr. Peepers” and “Underdog” himself, Wally Cox. It’s been rumored that they were more than just friends. Cox. whose longest lasting gig was probably on the “Hollywood Squares”, died of a heart attack in 1973.

    • ZapJ

      Brando kept Wally Cox’ s ashes in an urn in his bedroom for the rest of his life. That says volumes about their relationship whether sexual or not. They had been roommates in NY as they studied acting and remained lifelong friends. Cox was frustrated at being typecast as a frail milquetoast. (He was great at it.) He was short, but actually was a little dynamo and very muscular.

  • Dink

    Say what you will about Lady Gaga’s fashion sense and wild antics, but she can and does sing LIVE every single time she’s on stage. It may be manufactured, over-produced, bubble gum electro pop music, but she writes every word of it. She is one of the few “real deal” vocalists out there today. She does NOT lip-sync, ever.

    • dudelette

      Pink, too. She does those amazing stunts and still sings.

      • Dink

        P!nk is in a league of her own. I’ve seen her twice and she’s a beast. No words.

  • Kimberlie Starnes Koenning

    Really ole Blue Eyes had ties to the mob….must be the worst kept secret in Hollywood

  • Bink

    Seriously? Best kept secrets? All of these ‘secrets’ have been bandied about for years.

  • kmanthie

    Sinatra having mob ties was a secret?? That’s news to me! I’ve known this for a LONG time. In fact, I imagine everyone that knows anything about ” ‘Ol Blue Eyes” knew he was in deep w/mafioso. And also – Brando may have had sex w/James Dean (it was probably Dean, wouldn’t doubt it) – but since Brando had 2 kids and was married at least once or twice (I’m not sure about the #) – he was not “gay” in the strict sense -so he “experimented” – that doesn’t mean he was “Rock Hudson” gay.

    • Robert

      One rumor (and I do mean rumor) was that Sinatra was gambling in the casino that Howard Hughes owned and was out of money. He demanded the casino give him a large sum on credit. He had already borrowed once before and not paid it back so the manager told him that he would check with Mr. Hughes. HH told the manager to throw him out of the place and bar him until he paid up. Sinatra then complained to one of his contacts in the mafia as to what happened to him, who told him to suck it up and pay the debt as Hughes had a organization as big and bad as they had. From all accounts, he paid up and learn how to act more responsible when in Hughes’ casino.

      • Richard H. Pratt

        May be true, but Frank was a Mafia Sheik celebrity and he may have had something to do with Kennedy’s death. He was very angry when Bobby told Jack not to visit him at his home, due to the fact that he was a Mob favored boy. For a skinny little Italian, he loved to act big and tough, and frequently asked for help to get that accomplished.

  • kmanthie

    C’mon – this is another “wide-open secret” – Monroe was having dalliances w/both Kennedys (JFK & RFK) – that is common knowledge. Let’s hear about some real secrets that no one’s heard about or that aren’t common knowledge, OK?

  • Kent Manthie

    Another widely known fact – DUH! – everyone knows Judy Garland was a juiced-up, pill-popping wreck. That trait continued down through to her daughter Liza.

  • Kent Manthie

    I’ve heard about the lying little junkie Feldman too, who, instead of taking responsibility for his own problems (i.e, heroin addiction, etc) he blames it on “unnamed Hollywood pedophiles” – yeah, right – easy to say, hard to prove!!

  • Kent Manthie

    DUH…Bill Murray used to SELL pot during his fledgling days on SNL. It’s no secret that Rodney and the rest of those people -Chevy, Bill, etc, all did their fair share of drugs and partying!

  • Mark Jenkins

    Where do you get this “Best Kept Secrets” Crap?- Anyone who didn’t know this before reading the article must have been living on another planet- underground- in another solar system!

  • ScandalMaker

    Why is the secret about marilyn monroe and the kennedys, but the picture is marilyn with ronald reagan?

    • Rich39

      Remember Ronnie and Nancy were swingers in their early years. They had to get married.

  • Richard Genco

    Gotta love these commies. They talk about MM and the whoremunger family Kennedy’s and show a picture of Reagan

    • wiredream

      That’s because pre-dementia Ronnie and his wife at the time were major swingers. I’m sure MM had dalliances with them, or at least him. He might have been a kook and a madman as president, but ol’ demented Ronnie was quite the looker back in his day.

      • Richard H. Pratt

        ….a kook and a madman ? Are you nuts !!? That big spending socialist we have now can’t touch him in leadership, keeping the government in check and especially in looks and Charisma. You need your head examined. You Neo Commies are starting to feel like a virus.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    The Republican senate’s war on the unemployed, and poor in our country, continues…..
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    • CheriCAL

      Wow – I think that you posted on the wrong thread. Pretty funny how liberals will always blame Republicans and/or Bush under this failed President’s regime. How many times has this President said that he will focus like a “laser” on jobs – I think that it is up to 4 now.

    • scook84


      We broke it….

      We own it!!!

      The best cure for unemployment is employment. Not spending the productivity of future generations.

      Next time choose your leaders wisely..

      <3 Muah!

  • Rich39

    Most all males movie stars who are dead were gay. This makes great stories. And they can’t defend themselves. And the bad thing? Some peope believe the stories.

  • puhleeze

    So… which one of those was a “secret”? I don’t get it… was this supposed to be sarcastic?

  • Austin

    They lost me for sure with Judy–plus I hate how they make it seem like she was this “druggie” they gave her “vitamins” because that’s what they were known as. A nice vitamin to help her wake up and have energy and one to help her fall asleep. Yeah, they ended up being like uppers and downers but Judy Garland was the Frankenstein monster of MGM–they made her that way and when she was a wreck they booted her out.

  • Rebekah Dahling

    You’re late to the “secrets” game. I had heard all of these already

  • lokilasher

    I have actually seen a photo of Brando doing something “unsavory” with another man, but I always thought it was internet BS-whats ironic is that I am so sick of the Homosexual agenda thats going on nowadays yet some of the greatest, and in my top five favorite actors are gay. In a perfect world Gays could live normal so I dont have to hear about it anymore!

    • Nancy Duggan

      Do you have a point or are you merely another drunk, confused bigot with no writing skill?

  • Tresix

    Not exactly a secret, but “Caddyshack” is SO overrated! Take Rodney Dangerfield out of it and it’s even worse.

  • haha!

    Caddy Shack? nooooooooo tell meeeee it is not soooooo!

  • DIRK Duncum

    The Illuminati controlled them then as they do now.

  • Sonny

    I know Nicolas Cage sucks as an actor….

  • RKae

    11.) Your favorite author probably didn’t write the books that have his/her name on them. (Not exactly a “Hollywood” secret, but neither is the fact that singers don’t really sing. The article should probably have been called “secrets of the entertainment industry.”)

    Publishers use packaging agencies staffed by hack writers who throw together the books, usually following a sloppy outline provided by the so-called :”author.”

  • Emma Duncan

    No one really knows what went on inside the apartment on Sweetzer Ave, all we do know is that Cary Grant asked his good “friend” Randolph Scott, to live with him, and the studio was not happy at all, but Cary and Randy were, you can see the happiness in their big smiles in all the poolside snapshots taken of them!

  • Patricia Haskell Beal

    Well kept secrets, I think NOT. All of these so called “secrets” have been known for years and yesrs.

  • bearmon2010

    Is Corey Feldman being honest ? I will never know. Only God and son of God Jesus knows. A homosexual is not wrong, I am telling you, but is he saying it just out of attention or something ? Oh boy.

  • 18235

    brando and wally cox—with the penthouse magazine photo to prove it.