Top 20 Greatest Kept Hollywood Secrets Of All Time


Hollywood’s a shady place sometimes. Artists, craftsman, politicians, and businessmen from all over the world converge on Los Angeles, California, ready to do battle over the almighty dollar.

Hollywood’s history is a story of backroom deals and secret affairs as tantalizing as anything the studios have churned out on film. Here are the ten best secrets Hollywood ever kept.

1. A Lot of Silver Screen Movie Stars Were Gay

Today we cheer when a rising star like Ellen Page declares to the world that she’s out and proud, but there was a time when even a suggestion of homosexuality was a death sentence for anyone’s career.

For whatever reason, theatrical communities have always had a thriving gay populace, and many of these talents found they had to keep their private lives private if they wanted to make the leap to the big screen.

For instance, actor Rock Hudson was a well known homosexual behind the scenes of Hollywood, and had to keep careful watch of what the media said about him.

Hudson never officially came out, but he became one of the first celebrities to die of AIDS-related illnesses in 1985.

Randolph Scott and Cary Grant famously lived together off and on for over ten years, leading to rumors of homosexuality that persist to this day. There are even accounts that acting gods Marlon Brando, Alec Guinness and Lawrence Olivier were bisexual at the very least.

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Brando admitted to having homosexual encounters during his life, though he never said who, but on the whole we’re left only with hearsay and secondhand accounts of who was gay and who was straight.

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  1. the article points out that Rock Hudson died of AIDS–He did NOT get it from sex but from a blood transfusion. He had all his partners tested and NONE came up positive.

    Neal / Reply
    • That may be true; I don’t know. Hudson had heart bypass surgery in the early 1980’s; his TV series “The Devlin Connection” was delayed for a year due to the surgery and Hudson’s recovery.

      Jerry G 1085 / (in reply to Neal) Reply
    • didn’t one of his lovers sue him for giving it to him? Plus that seems like a far fetched story. Like how Liberace swore up and down he didn’t have aids but when he died, it was tested and came up positive. These people to their dying moment didn’t want the world to know how they really got it.

      Austin / (in reply to Neal) Reply
    • Who cares how he got it? Seriously – having to live in the closet deserves nothing more than our pity, and the fact that his death woke so many up to the tragedy that is and was AIDS is something that deserves our respect. God bless him, and his friend Elizabeth Taylor who, inspired by his death to work towards the end of AIDS, did so much to eliminating it as a shameful stigma and furthering the cause towards treatment.

      Erica / (in reply to Neal) Reply
    • He got aids from sexual partners…. To save face that story of blood transfusion is put out. He gave AIDS too. because he was with some famous people that contracted AIDS. You must not have ever research this ridiculous statement. Marc Christian MacGinnis Had AIDS and claimed it was rock. A person is more likely to catch AIDS if he partake sin back door sex than regular. God restricting the act for good reasons. A butthole has blood vessels close to the surface , vaginas do not.

      Lynn / (in reply to Neal) Reply
  2. Brando was close friends with “Mr. Peepers” and “Underdog” himself, Wally Cox. It’s been rumored that they were more than just friends. Cox. whose longest lasting gig was probably on the “Hollywood Squares”, died of a heart attack in 1973.

    Jerry G 1085 / Reply
    • Brando kept Wally Cox’ s ashes in an urn in his bedroom for the rest of his life. That says volumes about their relationship whether sexual or not. They had been roommates in NY as they studied acting and remained lifelong friends. Cox was frustrated at being typecast as a frail milquetoast. (He was great at it.) He was short, but actually was a little dynamo and very muscular.

      ZapJ / (in reply to Jerry G 1085) Reply
      • Brando had his ashes co-mingled with those of Cox that he had kept so long. This adds a few volumes to what we know of their relationship. I think we can safely say we know at least one of Brando’s male lovers.

        Michael / (in reply to ZapJ) Reply
        • Brando said that Wally was the best friend that he ever had. He was the most important person in his life.

          Daiseymae / (in reply to Michael) Reply
          • I’d always thought Wally Cox was “light in the loafers”, and it doesn’t surprise me that he had his ashes hauled by Brando. Brando was known to be a “top” in much literature about Hollyweird Homo’s, and probably was nailing Wally’s head to the headboard frequently.

            Ben Dover / (in reply to Daiseymae)
  3. Say what you will about Lady Gaga’s fashion sense and wild antics, but she can and does sing LIVE every single time she’s on stage. It may be manufactured, over-produced, bubble gum electro pop music, but she writes every word of it. She is one of the few “real deal” vocalists out there today. She does NOT lip-sync, ever.

    Dink / Reply
    • Pink, too. She does those amazing stunts and still sings.

      dudelette / (in reply to Dink) Reply
    • Thats because she is still young. Also, the size of the arena and the amount of drugs theyve taken the 3 yrs before the day of that concert is going to make a big difference on who has the energy to fake what and do what. Also, music today isnt real anymore just in the artisitic sense as it used to be. Sinatra would go onstage in Vegas in the largest theaters, knowing his voice was loooong gone, and people loved him FOR his realism and the charisma that made “Frank.” Elvis too. I spoke to someone at one of his last concerts and said she would have sooner given up her husband than seeing that concert, despite his voice was completely gone and he was so bloated and fat. Those are a different kind of star, dont you think? and then you had groups like the beach boys who sounded so bad, but they were so loved people would have paid to see them get up onstage and just talk! And I doubt they did much lip syncing when I saw them live 4 yrs ago. And the Rolling Stones? Lip syncing? Ha! I think Mick would rather remove a testicle. This rememnds me of Babe Ruth when he was already like a size 44 waist, and when he swung the bat it was at the pitch thrown before the last one. ha! Yet the yankees kept him on just in case he could pull of those miracles again….one more time. Those are the stars chosen by God, it seems. And dont say we all knew ALL this stuff. Who knew Howard Hughes killed 3 pilots and a mechanic, and that Hitchcock director killed 3 extras? Im 55 and its news to me!

      Marc V. / (in reply to Dink) Reply
  4. “Secret” in the sense that, although things were rumored during their lifetimes, the truth about these people never emerged till they died. As for the stories involving living people– if you will notice, they are not verifiable, and as such, secrets are still being kept.

    therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ / Reply
    • You are 90% right. What bothers me greatly is the other 10%. Such as just what -J. Edgar Hoover has covered up in his lifetime with criminals long gone and his blackmail of the Kennedies, let alone his association with organized crime figures, how can things like that, the Kennedy assasination and tons more all be screwed down so tight. I dont get it. Yet some cops beat up_____(name anyone in the news) who is a minority, and those things get spread all over the country and sometimes innocent peoples lives are destroyed. You think 50 yrs ago they would dare leak the Clippers managers comments.? That is what we need to keep the country informed about? or wait…..that is what ther average American’s brain wants to be thinking about today.? We have a major problem. And for the record, I dont care who used steroids if they were role models for kids who had nothing else, why take that away from them?

      • Kennedies? Didn’t they teach you in first grade how to make a plural?

        Claire Fan / (in reply to Marc Vin) Reply
      • and J Edgar was gay himself! That was a secret no one dared speak of for sure or they’d be gone!

        Eledryth Barton / (in reply to Marc Vin) Reply
        • Closeted transvestite does not equal gay.

          Mael99 / (in reply to Eledryth Barton) Reply
          • more like a Insane transvestite… he wasn’t very closeted about. He was a true psychopath.

            RealityAlwaysBites / (in reply to Mael99)
          • Yes it does!

            MMikeJBenN / (in reply to Mael99)
          • None of you know anything about J. Edgar Hoover’s private life so anything you say is base speculation. Actually it says more about your own personal fantasies than anything else.

            Darby / (in reply to MMikeJBenN)
          • UUuuummmmmm……Mike ? It has been written on many occasion by prominent psychologists documented in many medical journals that men who dress up in women’s clothing are not always homosexual, in fact, most are not. They even do it with their wives and have sex lives that involve no one but their wives letting them dress up and have sex. The other thing I would point out is that THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY YOU COULD BE ARGUING THIS POINT,lol.
            Even if you were one, though, you still would not speak for all of them,

            Morgan Mangini / (in reply to MMikeJBenN)
          • A man that gets aroused seeing himself dressed like a poor example of a woman is gay, gay curious at best buddy. The whole idea of being a female INCLUDES the sexual arousal women get from us. Sorry, nice try though.

            FrisianJute / (in reply to Mael99)
          • Sorry but you are wrong. A great many transvestites abhor the homosexual lifestyle. It’s a fetish at best and has nothing to do with being gay.

            Bjorn A Vulvan / (in reply to FrisianJute)
          • Hoover’s boyfriend is named Clyde Tolson. Hoover WAS gay.

            Pablo / (in reply to Mael99)
        • I dont know, but I’d like to see some real proof! Especially the left, who supposedly respect all lifestyles , love to ruin good Americans with claims of homosexuality, so I find it hard to believe they really, actually accept its propriety !

          stonemike / (in reply to Eledryth Barton) Reply
          • Exactly, what is the proof for J. Edgar Hoover being homosexual or a transvestite? There is none.

            Triggerman / (in reply to stonemike)
          • The only source I could find of Hoover’s cross-dressing was a quotation from a woman, wife of a notorious crook.

            JNWesner / (in reply to Triggerman)
          • He was a very sick twisted person who must have been gay or tran. I just don’t understand how somebody didn’t get rid of him.

            Viet Nam Vet / (in reply to Triggerman)
          • Hoover got caught in a photo giving a blow job, the mafia blackmailed him his whole life! They also gave him the horses to bet on with his “companion” Clyde, so silly boy Hoover stated there was no such thing as the mafia.

            Dng888 / (in reply to Triggerman)

            Ricky Ryan / (in reply to Dng888)
          • And just how relevant is this “proof” you seek? For that matter how relevant is anyone’s sexual proclivities. The only people who seem to dwell on who is or who isn’t gay or lesbian, in may cases are those who are confused about their own sexual orientation.

            Bjorn A Vulvan / (in reply to stonemike)
          • Isn’t that the entire media today? Seems that’s all they talk about.

            Jerry Slater / (in reply to Bjorn A Vulvan)
        • And you know this how?

          Chuck Michaelis / (in reply to Eledryth Barton) Reply
      • The problem back then was PROOF. You just didn’t come out and claim that rich, powerful people, or cops, just being powerful, did those kind of things, especially without proof. No proof = no story in the news, because they weren’t going to get sued for defamation and slander, so no one heard about it and you disappeared. The flip side is, you got paid off to shut the heck up.
        Now, you can prove it, once it hits the news, you are somewhat protected from retaliation since they will know where to look and there’s more money in selling to the highest bidder for those who would have simply taken the hush money.
        THAT is the beauty of audio and video recording being everywhere !!!

        Morgan Mangini / (in reply to Marc Vin) Reply
  5. Really ole Blue Eyes had ties to the mob….must be the worst kept secret in Hollywood

    Kimberlie Starnes Koenning / Reply
  6. Sinatra having mob ties was a secret?? That’s news to me! I’ve known this for a LONG time. In fact, I imagine everyone that knows anything about ” ‘Ol Blue Eyes” knew he was in deep w/mafioso. And also – Brando may have had sex w/James Dean (it was probably Dean, wouldn’t doubt it) – but since Brando had 2 kids and was married at least once or twice (I’m not sure about the #) – he was not “gay” in the strict sense -so he “experimented” – that doesn’t mean he was “Rock Hudson” gay.

    kmanthie / Reply
    • One rumor (and I do mean rumor) was that Sinatra was gambling in the casino that Howard Hughes owned and was out of money. He demanded the casino give him a large sum on credit. He had already borrowed once before and not paid it back so the manager told him that he would check with Mr. Hughes. HH told the manager to throw him out of the place and bar him until he paid up. Sinatra then complained to one of his contacts in the mafia as to what happened to him, who told him to suck it up and pay the debt as Hughes had a organization as big and bad as they had. From all accounts, he paid up and learn how to act more responsible when in Hughes’ casino.

      Robert / (in reply to kmanthie) Reply
      • May be true, but Frank was a Mafia Sheik celebrity and he may have had something to do with Kennedy’s death. He was very angry when Bobby told Jack not to visit him at his home, due to the fact that he was a Mob favored boy. For a skinny little Italian, he loved to act big and tough, and frequently asked for help to get that accomplished.

        Richard H. Pratt / (in reply to Robert) Reply
        • Sinatra would never have continued in the music business from the 50’s onward, as his voice was turning to shyte with all his drinking and smoking. By the 70’s, he had a vocal range of about 6 notes, and couldn’t keep on tune…but his career was aided and abetted by the mob. He was washed out, musically, but the mob kept his image alive. He was never more than a greasy Italian punk supported by the mob, and there were far far better Italian singers than that weasel. E.g, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Perry Como, to name a few. But Sinatra…meh.

          Ben Dover / (in reply to Richard H. Pratt) Reply
    • I’ve SEEN a photo Brando apparently POSED FOR in the early 50s with an erect penis in his mouth and his face and eyes turned TOWARDS the camera so it’s OBVIOUS who it is, so unless he was just REALLY “hamming it up” for the camera, yeah, I’d say at the very least he was likely bisexual.

      Bbbbutttt, like with all the current “controversy” over gay marriage, I’m like “who cares.” Peoples’ sexual lives is their personal, private business, UNLESS they choose to make it public.

      JeffAHayes / (in reply to kmanthie) Reply
  7. C’mon – this is another “wide-open secret” – Monroe was having dalliances w/both Kennedys (JFK & RFK) – that is common knowledge. Let’s hear about some real secrets that no one’s heard about or that aren’t common knowledge, OK?

    kmanthie / Reply
  8. Another widely known fact – DUH! – everyone knows Judy Garland was a juiced-up, pill-popping wreck. That trait continued down through to her daughter Liza.

    Kent Manthie / Reply
  9. I’ve heard about the lying little junkie Feldman too, who, instead of taking responsibility for his own problems (i.e, heroin addiction, etc) he blames it on “unnamed Hollywood pedophiles” – yeah, right – easy to say, hard to prove!!

    Kent Manthie / Reply
    • There is nothing to prove. It simply happened, and it’s happening again on a higher scale. Does anyone care? Of course not, they are actors.

      Right Now / (in reply to Kent Manthie) Reply
    • Corey Feldman was just an average bloke who got a (fortunate) opportunity to star in some B movies and TV shows, and that’s about it. He, like so many others, were over-rated from the start, they were just like extras in the industry…nothing more. He is just another wannabe, and Hollywood has thousands beating on the doors…just like him. So he did drugs, he prostituted himself, and he has mental health issues. That explains why he is such a “truthiness Democrap”.

      Ben Dover / (in reply to Kent Manthie) Reply
  10. DUH…Bill Murray used to SELL pot during his fledgling days on SNL. It’s no secret that Rodney and the rest of those people -Chevy, Bill, etc, all did their fair share of drugs and partying!

    Kent Manthie / Reply
  11. Why is the secret about marilyn monroe and the kennedys, but the picture is marilyn with ronald reagan?

    ScandalMaker / Reply
    • Remember Ronnie and Nancy were swingers in their early years. They had to get married.

      Rich39 / (in reply to ScandalMaker) Reply
      • Where’s your proof of that? Something you pull outta your butt isn’t proof.

        lee gary / (in reply to Rich39) Reply
        • Salacious slander against dead people. Reagan’s first marriage was on the rocks and he took up with Nancy… and then got divorced. Nancy a swinger? Ronnie a swinger? talk about totally bizarre and absurd!!! The left is still mad as hell at Ronnie for outing commies from the Screen Actors Guild when he was president of SAG. Boy were they pissed when he was Governor of California, and well, there’s that embarrassing winning the cold war thing.

          yak_disqus / (in reply to lee gary) Reply
          • Cmon, man, don’t be so blind. Everybody knows Sinatra tapped Nancy in the 80’s when she was still First Lady, for cryin out loud. And truthfully, that was probably one just for “old times sake”.

            H H / (in reply to yak_disqus)
          • Oh; right! “Ronald Reagan single-handedly won the cold war.” Just like the batter who watches strike three sail past him for the last out in the bottom of the ninth “lost” that 10 – 0 game “ALL BY HIMSELF!” But, we do know what kind of a “swell guy” he was when he negotiated away the actors’ rights to residuals for anything produced before 1960 and then slid back behind his desk, took off his “Actor’s” cap and then put his “Producer’s” cap on as he merrily went about working on General Electric Theater. And, of course, Reagan wouldn’t be Reagan without letting others take the rap for his criminal conduct in the Iran-
            Contra Affair which he had full knowledge and control over.
            In short, Reagan was a very successful, narcissistic Hollywood-type who would sell his mother down the river if it would advance his career. Despite the stories of “Mr. Affable,” he was truly “Mr. Hypocrite!”

            James Osman / (in reply to yak_disqus)
          • AND, he had one of the most criminal presidencies EVER! “By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations. In terms of number of officials involved, the record of his administration was the worst ever.”

            refichter / (in reply to James Osman)
        • I agree with what you are saying, but I do remember a picture when I was young of Brando performing oral sex on another man. It was before the era of computers and photoshop. I was about 16 at the time and now I am 44. It was in either Playboy or in Penthouse and no doubt Brando.

          It is very easy to say just about anything about those who are now gone, bug I have no doubt about Randolph Scott and Cary Grant. As a huge Randolph Scott fan I have read everything about the pair and researched it a lot and I do believe they where a couple. They just got married as during those days it was expected of leading men to marry.

          As for the newer stars and Hollywood, in my opinion, there is little doubt about George Clooney, James Franco, and a few others that are just to good looking to still be single.

          Texasbear / (in reply to lee gary) Reply
          • Brando admitted to this without a problem, unfortunately i am old enough to remember it. He still continues to be my favorite tho

            Elaine Glover / (in reply to Texasbear)
          • Brando didn’t consider it an admission. He simply made the statement.

            muckraker / (in reply to Elaine Glover)
          • Many of these stars might have needed the bucks before they were stars and they were gay for pay.

            grandinettimichael / (in reply to Texasbear)
          • That is irrelevant and the oldest excuse in the book: “I was young and needed the money.”

            Bjorn A Vulvan / (in reply to grandinettimichael)
          • That would mean that Hollywood was still full of lecherous, gay men.

            Morgan Mangini / (in reply to grandinettimichael)
          • And then let’s talk about art directors, make-up people and myriad other behind-the-scenes personnel. It’s no big deal, except to the zealots and muckrakers.

            Bjorn A Vulvan / (in reply to Texasbear)
      • Lie much?

        yak_disqus / (in reply to Rich39) Reply
      • Swingers? Your slander is not only ridiculous but absurd.

        yak_disqus / (in reply to Rich39) Reply
  12. Gotta love these commies. They talk about MM and the whoremunger family Kennedy’s and show a picture of Reagan

    Richard Genco / Reply
    • That’s because pre-dementia Ronnie and his wife at the time were major swingers. I’m sure MM had dalliances with them, or at least him. He might have been a kook and a madman as president, but ol’ demented Ronnie was quite the looker back in his day.

      wiredream / (in reply to Richard Genco) Reply
      • ….a kook and a madman ? Are you nuts !!? That big spending socialist we have now can’t touch him in leadership, keeping the government in check and especially in looks and Charisma. You need your head examined. You Neo Commies are starting to feel like a virus.

        Richard H. Pratt / (in reply to wiredream) Reply
        • Gee, wasn’t it Reagan who quadrupled the national debt? And was more in favor of gun control than Obama is? Guess St. Ronnie was a neo-commie, too.

          RBMitchellLaw / (in reply to Richard H. Pratt) Reply
          • LOL, where’d you get this info about Reagen quadrupling the deficit? In fact Reagan CUT taxes in the 1980’s and in doing so generated DOUBLE the tax revenues of his predecessor “Jimmah Cahta”, who before Obumbler came along was the worst president in America’s history.

            The Lib controlled Congress at the time spent the money as fast as Reagan could bring it in. Reagan even today has a favorability rating in the mid 60’s, higher than Clinton the sex addict and accused rapist and the Obumbler who has set a world record in being the first president in history to totally F*ck up everything he has tried to accomplish.

            If it were not for the low information liberals who would approve of this clown even were he to be found in bed with a young boy and the black constituency who would follow him through the gates of hell simply because he is black (that’s racism, lib), his approval numbers today woud be in the mid 20’s instead of the 40% range.

            eaglestalon / (in reply to RBMitchellLaw)
          • When Reagan came into office the Federal debt was just under a trillion dollars. When he left the debt was a little under 3 trillion. Reagan’s congress cut taxes initially but also removed many of the deductions for the wealthy. This resulted in an overall reduction in Federal revenue of about 1 percent. Under Reagan’s congress there were 11 subsequent tax increases that he signed into law including the 1984 increase which is still considered to be the largest peacetime tax increase in US history.

            As governor of California, Ronald Reagan signed the Mulford Act, which prohibited the carrying of firearms on your person, in your vehicle, and in any public place or on the street, and he also signed off on a 15-day waiting period for firearm purchases. After leaving the presidency, he supported the passage of the Brady bill that established by Federal law a nationwide, uniform standard of a 7-day waiting period for the purchase of handguns to enable background checks on prospective buyers. He urged then President Bush to drop his opposition to the bill.

            Wjwolpert / (in reply to eaglestalon)
          • Your facts are correct. Eaglestalon pulled one small piece of info, and made up the rest. Republicans like to forget the true facts. He was in favor of reasonable gun laws. My biggest beef was that he, Nancy, and all the people around him knew he was mentally incompetent during his last years, and put our nation at great risk because of the coverup.

            steppinN_tx / (in reply to Wjwolpert)
          • So was Woodrow Wilson. His wife Edith was running the show.

            NJHuguenot / (in reply to steppinN_tx)
          • Thank you Wjwolpert. You are correct as I recall those days. I’m afraid that eaglestalon is simply wrong and may live in the same “la la land” as the Gipper did in his declining years.

            John R. Witt / (in reply to Wjwolpert)
          • Well said

            JayHackett / (in reply to eaglestalon)
          • And in favor of gun control? Sorry, not true. Even after being shot, he was against gun control.

            John Gramm / (in reply to eaglestalon)
          • Reagan cut taxes in 1981, but then in the next 3 years, raised taxes. The 1982 hike alone, which applied to corporations and individuals, increased taxes by about $17 billion, according to a 2006 U.S. Treasury report. The increase represented 0.8 percent of the GDP. That’s why it is sometimes billed as the largest peacetime tax increase in American history. That same year he also raised the gasoline tax.

            steppinN_tx / (in reply to eaglestalon)
          • Yes, it was Reagan who lobbied for an across the board pay raise for Congress so that, “Even a poor person could be a congressperson”. It’s not the salary folks, it’s the bennies AFTER spending a lot of money getting elected.

            Bjorn A Vulvan / (in reply to steppinN_tx)
          • Now you are delusional…..many blacks didn’t even vote for the guy the second time around…..and if your narrative had been theirs in your country, you too would’ve voted for him the first time around just because of the sheer joy of seeing yourself finally get to accomplish everything American whites can. I work with many upper class blacks when in Atlanta a few months a year when I am at our offices from Germany and most didn’t vote for him the second time. And it wouldn’t matter if every eligible black voted for him, he still couldn’t win without many more whites supporting him since blacks only make up 12% of your population, with many black men not even being able to vote because of incarceration–often for non-violent crimes. I also recall that during his first campaign, he was more popular with American white women (both poor and middle/upper class) than American black women (especially educated/middle class), and still is. White women, white men under 50, legal Mexicans, and elderly blacks got Obama elected the first time around, and the horrible presidential choice of the Republican Party got Obama elected the second time despite the huge loss of even more black women under 50 and middle class black women’s vote. A moderate Republican could have beat Obama! And Ronald did increase the military significantly did he not?? Perhaps that is what folk remember as far as his spending….he also legalized a bunch of formerly illegal Mexicans, while Obama has been the deportation president.

            FrisianJute / (in reply to eaglestalon)
          • You have no clue as to what you are talking about. It is as if everything you say, you just made up on the spot. Some people would call that lying. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You are such a right-winger, that there is no room for facts. If the truth is different than what you believe, then you just dispose of the truth, because in your world it just can’t be. It is a fact that RR ran up the deficit more than any president before him. It is also a fact, that at the same time he exploded military spending. Then after all his tax cuts started exploding the deficit, he then raised taxes numerous times in a sorry attempt to check all the exploding red ink. You sure like to call others names when they give you a needed dose of reality, but when people like you are forced to come to grips with reality, you become just so unpleasant. I feel sorry for you, because you are just trying to destroy this country, and yet you are too stupid to understand that.

            liberal cheesehead / (in reply to eaglestalon)
          • Everyone knows that Ronald Reagan was gay and had a long term affair with Old Blue Eyes. Nancy was the Beard.

            always tell the truth / (in reply to RBMitchellLaw)
        • Reagan was a nightmare as president and his economic policies left us bankrupt. Other than that, what a swell guy.

          Aunt Pee / (in reply to Richard H. Pratt) Reply
          • Actually he was a really nice person. i used to work for GTE and one of my old bosses used to be an I & R tech in WLA. He said he used to have to go to Ronnie & Nancy’s house quite a bit. He said that Ronnie was one of the nicest people he’d ever met. He said Nancy on the other hand was a total bitch. And to believe every horrible thing her kids said about her. He saw it first hand. She would be constantly bitching at Ronnie, their kids, my boss, and at their employees…anyone who got into her eyesight she was a bitch to them. He said

            chillen / (in reply to Aunt Pee)
          • Worked on RRs run for governor of California. Nancy was indeed nasty to everyone unless camera was running. Ronnie’s tongue was less sharp, was “on” displaying an actor’s charm when big donors were present or cameras running, otherwise dismissive of others. He seemed a big, not too bright guy dominated by his wife. We volunteers often traveled with them to events from early morn to evening, given no food or water, or personal breaks. We learned to hide a small piece of fruit and sandwich from home in a pocket or under the red beret. I don’t recall ever even getting a thank you from either. By the end of the campaign he’d lost my vote.

            Floridagal322 / (in reply to chillen)
  13. The Republican senate’s war on the unemployed, and poor in our country, continues…..
    There are more than 2.6 million unemployed families in this country, and the number is growing. Since late December, the Republicans have failed to pass the unemployment extension bill, which would have helped these millions of unemployed, who lost their benefits, after 26 weeks. For the first time in many years, the extension bill was not passed in the senate, due to political in-fighting and political agendas involving both parties. The failure to pass the extension bill has cause great hardship and financial ruin for the millions of families who had depended on it, for survival, until they found employment. These people are not the “lazy” individuals depicted by the republicans in the senate. The great majority of them are “older workers” who have a long history of hard work and employment. It was due to the poor economy (recession/depression), that they had lost their employment in the first place. These workers were not responsible for the collapse of the economy. The economy collapsed because of all the greedy bankers and large corporations, that needed Bailout by the taxpayers, in the cost of billions of dollars. These are the very same people whom the republicans wish to give another tax break to, on our behalf. It’s truly a crime that the republicans can actually stop help going to the unemployed and poor in our countries. Senators like John Boehner can hold the help “hostage” to gain something in return for his true “constituents” the Koch brothers. The American people no longer have “public servants”, but thugs in both the senate and congress who rule their little kingdom, and we’ve become their subjects. It has been five months without unemployment benefits for 2.6 million struggling families, facing eviction, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. There are actually families having to live out of their vehicles, and visit food pantries to survive, because of this issue. Does Anyone Care? This could be You or someone you love going through this. Wouldn’t you want support? The Republicans will find the next election difficult to win back any seats, or posts. The American people will remember all their game playing and their total lack of compassion and common decency

    Yonatan YONATAN / Reply
    • Wow – I think that you posted on the wrong thread. Pretty funny how liberals will always blame Republicans and/or Bush under this failed President’s regime. How many times has this President said that he will focus like a “laser” on jobs – I think that it is up to 4 now.

      CheriCAL / (in reply to Yonatan YONATAN) Reply
    • Hey!

      We broke it….

      We own it!!!

      The best cure for unemployment is employment. Not spending the productivity of future generations.

      Next time choose your leaders wisely..

      <3 Muah!

    • Get a Job and stop whining, geez, my Dad used to work 3 jobs to support his family !

      Brenda Hackney / (in reply to Yonatan YONATAN) Reply
      • Lucky for your dad some people with degrees can’t get jobs. And a lot of place won’t hire someone who is over qualified because of fear they will take over.

        Britney Robinson / (in reply to Brenda Hackney) Reply
        • I am sorry, that shouldn’t happen and it shouldn’t matter wether you have a degree, in fact it should be a plus. A person should be able to work at whatever job they can get, wether at Burger King, driving a truck or being a CEO of a company, a job is a job. In the past, a person did not care what level the job was if they were out of work or just out of college, it was work and they were thankful for any work they found, in their trained profession or out of it.

          Brenda Hackney / (in reply to Britney Robinson) Reply
    • Try after 99 + weeks of unemployment since there was extension after extension after extension, how does that help the unemployment numbers again, please tell me?

      It makes it easier to STAY on unemployment forever.

      JayHackett / (in reply to Yonatan YONATAN) Reply
    • Boehner is not a Senator. He is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and second line for the presidency should something happen to Obama and Biden. Can you imagine how the Liberals would react if Something did happen and a Republican replaced Obama and Biden?

      NJHuguenot / (in reply to Yonatan YONATAN) Reply
  14. Most all males movie stars who are dead were gay. This makes great stories. And they can’t defend themselves. And the bad thing? Some peope believe the stories.

    Rich39 / Reply
    • They really were, it is a fact not made up, ask anyone who knew them they will say most men back then were gay or Bi(basically gay).

      Britney Robinson / (in reply to Rich39) Reply
  15. So… which one of those was a “secret”? I don’t get it… was this supposed to be sarcastic?

    puhleeze / Reply
  16. They lost me for sure with Judy–plus I hate how they make it seem like she was this “druggie” they gave her “vitamins” because that’s what they were known as. A nice vitamin to help her wake up and have energy and one to help her fall asleep. Yeah, they ended up being like uppers and downers but Judy Garland was the Frankenstein monster of MGM–they made her that way and when she was a wreck they booted her out.

    Austin / Reply
  17. You’re late to the “secrets” game. I had heard all of these already

    Rebekah Dahling / Reply
  18. I have actually seen a photo of Brando doing something “unsavory” with another man, but I always thought it was internet BS-whats ironic is that I am so sick of the Homosexual agenda thats going on nowadays yet some of the greatest, and in my top five favorite actors are gay. In a perfect world Gays could live normal so I dont have to hear about it anymore!

    lokilasher / Reply
    • Do you have a point or are you merely another drunk, confused bigot with no writing skill?

      Nancy Duggan / (in reply to lokilasher) Reply
  19. Not exactly a secret, but “Caddyshack” is SO overrated! Take Rodney Dangerfield out of it and it’s even worse.

    Tresix / Reply
  20. Caddy Shack? nooooooooo tell meeeee it is not soooooo!

    haha! / Reply
  21. The Illuminati controlled them then as they do now.

    DIRK Duncum / Reply
  22. I know Nicolas Cage sucks as an actor….

    Sonny Burnett / Reply
  23. 11.) Your favorite author probably didn’t write the books that have his/her name on them. (Not exactly a “Hollywood” secret, but neither is the fact that singers don’t really sing. The article should probably have been called “secrets of the entertainment industry.”)

    Publishers use packaging agencies staffed by hack writers who throw together the books, usually following a sloppy outline provided by the so-called :”author.”

    RKae / Reply
  24. No one really knows what went on inside the apartment on Sweetzer Ave, all we do know is that Cary Grant asked his good “friend” Randolph Scott, to live with him, and the studio was not happy at all, but Cary and Randy were, you can see the happiness in their big smiles in all the poolside snapshots taken of them!

    Emma Duncan / Reply
  25. Well kept secrets, I think NOT. All of these so called “secrets” have been known for years and yesrs.

    Patricia Haskell Beal / Reply
  26. Is Corey Feldman being honest ? I will never know. Only God and son of God Jesus knows. A homosexual is not wrong, I am telling you, but is he saying it just out of attention or something ? Oh boy.

    bearmon2010 / Reply
  27. brando and wally cox—with the penthouse magazine photo to prove it.

    18235 / Reply
  28. They are the worst kept secret since we found out obama can walk and chew gum!

    gridironglory / Reply
  29. Rumored as being homosexual and actually being one are two different things. Just because Cary and Randolph lived together and rumored they were lovers does not make it so. Some of this is pure hogwash!

    coyote1944 . / Reply
    • Rumor has it that Cary and Rudolf were thought to be gay when one evening while the two were behind closed doors Cary was heard saying, Rudolf, Rudolf, Rudolf… with great satisfaction according to those with their ears to the door.

      Dmacwired / (in reply to coyote1944 .) Reply
  30. If the story about the Kennedys and MM was ever a secret, it came out about the time JFK died.

    Snidely70448 / Reply
  31. Why would Corey Feldman NOT name the names of the pedophiles who are still working in the industry, likely VICTIMIZING other children?! You are complicit in the crimes now, Corey. Sickening.

    changetheTP / Reply
    • Because he could be prosecuted for slander if it is just simply his word against the person he names. Same with Alison Arngrim. I’ve read her book and follow her on twitter. She does what she can – has testified in front of Congress I believe. As for Corey – I believe he’s doing what he can, but he’s damaged more than most. So many child stars are not raised in reality… including him. It is quite frankly, amazing that he’s still alive.

      Erica / (in reply to changetheTP) Reply
      • “Because he could be prosecuted for slander if it is just simply his word against the person he names.” Sorry; take it from an old “legal beagle” (been practicing over 37 years), no one is “prosecuted for slander – at least not in California. One may be sued in a civil action but such would be highly unlikely since, if it comes down to “he said, she said”, the plaintiff loses. I don’t know of any successful attorneys who take on cases with a high risk of losing “right out of the gate.” This is especially true if the client wants you to take the case on a contingency basis.

        James Osman / (in reply to Erica) Reply
    • i know, right. Which leeds one to believe he may be full of it, not in terms of it not going on but in the sense that it happen to him.

      mike / (in reply to changetheTP) Reply
    • I have known people who have been abused and have some serious “issues” because of it. In one case it was a family member. I could not understand how she could go to family reunions with him there and know he is probably doing it to some other girls. But she said she only found her peace when she went to a seminar for abused children and was told she didn’t HAVE to name her abuser. So she adopted a bunch of handicapped children and is a marvelous person, probably to build herself back up after the pedifile tore her down. Don’t know why, but that seems to be the way it is–letting them off the hook. And there is a statute of limitations.

      ripper69 / (in reply to changetheTP) Reply
      • “And there is a statute of limitations.” – Which, in California, has been liberalized to the extent that victims can, depending upon the facts, sue the perp up until the vic reaches age 26 BUT ALWAYS CHECK as soon as possible, lest you end up on the short end of the stick.

        James Osman / (in reply to ripper69) Reply
  32. Frank Sinatra “MAY” have had mafia ties? Yeah, and Antarctica “MAY” be cold.

    Alencon / Reply
  33. Most Pop Stars Lip-sync Onstage

    No secret here.

    Floyd D Barber / Reply
  34. The sissy’s in schools were always in theater or singing or any of the arts. Thats why I wonder why they have to keep it quiet when they want to become famous. Who else? Not as many straights as gays. I think that they dont need to ‘come out’. That there is some pressure for their personal lives to be plastered on the front pages for the public’s scrutiny. Hetero people are’nt urged to ‘come out’ or scrutinized because they are nor afraid too because they may not get work. No, I’m not a gay lover or a gay hater. I’m a human lover. I dont always like what people do but people dont always like what I do. Thats fair.

    Kim / Reply
  35. Old news.

    SisFromIL / Reply
  36. None of these are secrets. Far from it. LOL.

    scors54 / Reply
  37. I don’t think one could say all these celebrities were gay so much as it is in “lifestyle”. Some would be considered gay in that they lived a closeted gay lifestyle, some were bisexual that whom ever they happen to be in a relationship with they liked. While some would be classifed as living a heterosexual lifestyle but happen to engage in homosexual behavior. This is true today, sexuality is fluid it is the “lifestyle” and not the behavior that determine how one sees their sexuality; gay and straight is too narrow a definition of sexual behavior for with celebrities and people in general. This is why some celebrities will tell you they are not in “the closet” because they are never going to embrace the lifestyle of homosexuality but will from time to time engage in homosexual behavior and live a heterosexual lifestyle so they do not consider themselves gay. Does this definition make the waters a little less murky?

    Dr. Haxton / Reply
  38. I didn’t know about Tippi Hedren, interesting to see how that one worked out

    goggles / Reply
  39. RE: Sinatra

    “He was known accomplices with mob boss Sam Giancana……”

    Accomplices? The writer of this article should check the dictionary.

    Wrong word choice, dude.

    Colorado_Mom / Reply
  40. If you noticed the media is not making a big deal out of the pedophile problems, and hardly covering the case being brought against the Director Bryan Singer. Its a huge story getting little coverage.

    TheBossyFiesta / Reply
  41. here’s one Will Geer (Grampa Walton) was bisexual

    berfa / Reply
  42. the funniest ‘secret’ is that no man ever gave marilyn an orgasm. hey Jack! hey Joe! either you guys were bad lovers or inconsiderate lovers!
    as for the gay ones> really? a ‘BIG’ secret??? lmfbco!

    ✰T✰✰ / Reply
  43. Amazing, Judy Garland was so abused, any lawyer today would have had a field day in getting a fat settlement…but…back then barbituates were the drug of choice and by then so many of these stars had to live on them to survive, they were so moldable and easy to manipulate. Why were there no lawyers back then,even out of greed to protect them and “prey” on the studios? Whats amazing is that with all that went on back then, civil rights leaders have the power to get a billionaires sports team taken away from him because he doesnt want his black wife/fiance to hang around other blacks at partys? Please tell me this is not a trend that will continue much longer where people can no longer make racial jokes, talk about japanese people in a humorous way, that we all have to be careful of saying what we really feel because it hurts a few over-sensitive souls? And now billionaires are being dragged into it? I pray this is not going to be a trend where America now becomes a country of “think it but dont say it.”. We are dead if that happens. Oh wait….it already did.

    Rick Stone / Reply
  44. That’s what acting is all about – Projecting an image on what you’re really not and doing something that you wouldn’t do otherwise. Beautiful and handsome faces with scarred dysfunctional psyches.

    MannyHMo / Reply
  45. The Tippi Hendron one is BS, if you look her up on IMDB, she didn’t stop working. Plus she wasn’t a great actress, so that contributes to it as well. As for Hitchcock being a sexual predator, it one comes out 30 years after his death?

    watchcommand / Reply
    • Think of all the people that were accused of scandals after they died and couldn’t defend themselves. Even John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe everyone says it is proven they had an affair. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt when stuff is “discovered” after their death.

      ripper69 / (in reply to watchcommand) Reply
      • I try to give the benefit too, that’s why I’m ticked off that 30+ years after Hitchcock died, they are trashing him.

        watchcommand / (in reply to ripper69) Reply
  46. I’m fairly certain the headline was entered incorrectly. It should have been titled, “10 Worst Kept Hollywood Secrets of All Time”.

    Chris Hauk / Reply
  47. This might be new info to you if you’re say, 25

    Barbara Dorsey / Reply
  48. I didn’t know about Hitchcock but new about all the rest

    Danielle Babin Dyer / Reply
    • About Hitchcock. Read an article interviewing the actress who starred in Birds. Hitchcock told her to sleep with him or he would ruin her. She refused and said he actually did ruin her career. She said he blackballed her and no one would hire her for anything. Very sad.

      ripper69 / (in reply to Danielle Babin Dyer) Reply
      • In fact, Hitch was so strangely obsessed with Tippi Hendren, he gave her daughter, Melanie Griffith, a doll made-up and costumed like Hedren, her mother. It was in an ornate box, that resembled a coffin.

        Jenny Penny / (in reply to ripper69) Reply
  49. What tripe. Do we really “cheer” when someone comes “out”? Most of us shrug our shoulders and ask, “Is that news?” In fact, the “Hollywood community” has been rife with homosexuals, known and “secret’ since it started.

    The current “Gay Mafia” (thanks, Bill Maher) is just trolling for headlines these days, to the extent that they will take any rumor or innuendo and claim ownership. Cary Grant, indeed.

    News flash… nobody cares. Shut the door, do what you want.

    Woody20164 / Reply
  50. Yes we know them now. The slideshow is Best Kept Hollywood Secrets of All Time, meaning secrets that were kept at the time they happened and for years after. The public hasn’t known all along.

    Mike / Reply
  51. Next they’ll tell us Rosie O’Donnell is a lesbian.

    sardiverdave / Reply
  52. Duh…

    FreedomRocks76 / Reply
  53. This just in….the sky may be blue.

    waynyatta / Reply
  54. Frank Sinatra was a mob wannabe. He was not a “made guy” therefore the Mob kept him around because they could make money off of him. Jimmy “the Weasel” Fratianno famously conned Sinatra out of 25 thousand bucks, Sinatra complained some of his alleged “mob” buddies and they told him we can’t help you, “Jimmy’s a made guy”.

    WminPhoenix / Reply
  55. #4 is not a secret

    Brent S. Arrowitz / Reply
  56. none of these are secrets

    Brent S. Arrowitz / Reply
  57. Second hand knowledge is hearsay and not to be trusted- this is a LGBT bullcrap that the left is trying to use to make the “alternative” lifestyle more acceptable. They force this nonsense down our throats because they are insecure with who they are, and this makes them feel more normal.
    We are seeing these agenda oriented hit pieces more and more- What’s next Hillary was a girlscout troop leader?

    Jimbo / Reply
    • I hate the gay agenda that is forced upon people and I hate that gays think they are the new “black” but it is a fact that in old Hollywood a lot of the actors were gay. Why do you think old hollywood stars who are alive today are gay rights activist?

      Britney Robinson / (in reply to Jimbo) Reply
  58. Corey Feldman doesnt have the balls to name names, he should just keep his mouth shut instead of spreading inuendo, if he was molested the perps need to be in jail and he is part of the problem if he wont speak out.

    the watcher / Reply
  59. Everyone in the world knew of Sinatra’s Mafia ties. He had planned for JFK to stay at his house in Palm Springs and made lots of expensive additions to the house when JFK had to cancel because of Sinatra’s ties to Giancana. The Mafia had many celebrities in their clutches until such time as they celebrities were able to buy out their ties to repay the debts they owed when they were starting out.

    Sky Johnson / Reply
  60. That’s not a loss; Hedren could never be accused of being a decent actress. She did better raising tigers.

    Sky Johnson / Reply
  61. Marilyn Monroe would have lived much longer had she never met the Kennedys. She did not commit suicide. She had become a threat to the White House and drove Ethel crazy by her never-
    ending phone calls to the White House.

    Sky Johnson / Reply
  62. Poor JG was definitely a victim of the Hollywood machine.

    Sky Johnson / Reply
  63. Corey Haim was the one who was sexually abused by the powers that be in Hollywood.

    Sky Johnson / Reply
  64. I’ve heard that Lindsey Lohan was also molested and that they tapped it and used it to blackmail her into taking less money for movies.

    Britney Robinson / Reply
  65. Umm, very few cheer when a celebrity “comes out”. A large majority of Americans have a “WGAS?” attitude. What was once taught as something so insignificant in the totality of a person’s make up (sexually inclination)has now magically transformed into gratuitous, front and center spotlight used often a a sword and not a shield. In 10 years, the press will be celebrating the fact a celebrity comes out and admits he or she actually took the short bus to school (which has been my suspicion all along).

    Stop2think / Reply
  66. Jolie is soooo weird

    Ricardo / Reply
  67. I remember when Eddy Fisher divorced Debby Reynolds and he married Liz Taylor most shocking at that time period and it ruined Fishers life so anything beyond that had to be kept secret.

    peter petersen / Reply
  68. In many scenes played by Brando, he appeared to act gay to me, its a shame, all those beauties available, and be a “peter puffer” ! How sick !

    stonemike / Reply
  69. Well, today’s big news is that George Clooney is in love with a man—himself!!

    Bill Henschel / Reply
  70. Frank Sinatra “knew” Mafia guys but that’s where it ended. He was not a “made guy” (did not kill a person) so all Sinatra could be or do was a hanger on with the made guys. The Mafia tolerated him because they used him to make money. If you read Jimmy “The Weasel” Frantianno’s book “The Last Mafiosi”, Fratianno disparages and demeans Sinatra as a mob “wanna be”. He conned Sinatra out of 25 thousand dollars. When Sinatra complained to his co called Mafia friends and wanted his money back, they told him, “Sorry Frank, Jimmy’s a made guy we can’t do nothing”.

    WminPhoenix / Reply
    • The mob controlled Vegas and did the hiring of entertainers so Sinatra and everyone who performed there “worked” for the Mafia in that way.

      terrilynnmerritts / (in reply to WminPhoenix) Reply
  71. I cannot understand why people are interested or bother speculating. The only criteria I use is whether or not I enjoyed their performances on stage or film. What they might or might not have done in the bedroom and with whom is and was none of anyone’s business. I wonder about how secure people are in their own sexual identities when they are so obsessed with that of others.

    Floridagal322 / Reply
  72. Caddyshack stands alone “in terms of sheer excess” of drugs? Its common knowledge that “The Blues Brothers” was the pinacle of absolute drug insanity and John Belushi almost died on the set.

    LilPoison / Reply
  73. Pia Zadora won a Golden Globe. So yes, obviously someone was bribed.

    Regina Moultrie / Reply
    • ROFLMFAO !!!!!! I saw her porn film as a young guy in the Army.It takes a special “actress” to make a boring porno movie.

      Over the HILLary / (in reply to Regina Moultrie) Reply
  74. Marlon Brando was not gay. He was married 3 times and was still getting young girls pregnant well into his 70s. Gay men don’t do that. Cary Grant was not gay either he was married 4 times. That rumor was started by A-hole Chevy Chase with a joke on the “Tonight Show” for which Mr. Grant successfully sued and won the case. But, of course, the rumors just won’t die. The same thing goes for James Dean. Sal Mineo who, was gay, made a comment that he and James Dean could have been lovers but weren’t. That came from Mineo’s own wishful thinking because he had the hots for James Dean. Lets face it, if they could have been lovers, they would have been. But, this comment left everyone believing James Dean was gay too. But, anyone who has ever seen photos of James Dean looking at Pier Angeli, the woman he was in love with, would know he wasn’t gay. Gay men don’t look adoringly at women.

    Etta St John / Reply
  75. Do pedophiles exist? Yes; most certainly. Do they have almost unerring radar for kids who aren’t really parented? Yes. May some of these be producers in Hollywood–or anywhere? yes. Is it “Rampant” Hardly, or You would have hundreds of child stars coming forward–it is no longer the shame-based secret it once was … it is a perverse badge of honour … which leads also to abuses. And, yet; it is not ethical to use the word “rampant” when there is no evidence for a huge number of cases.

    dharmatrek / Reply
  76. Wow! If there were’t MILLIONS of dollars attached to the job, I might have a bit more sympathy for the cast of “Avengers”, but if someone said to me “We have this part, and it’s going to mean you have to work out for a year and spend 6 weeks in a horrible costume, and you’ll have to go on every major talk show and be in almost every magazine and tons of online crap, but you’ll be paid $3 million dollars” I’d be at that gym so fast you’d think I was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Please!

    Louis Stephen Carrozzi / Reply
  77. For goodness sake ?? It is NOT a crime to be GAY. It happens in nature. The nature we are all a part of. Gays are a minority. Minorities of any kind have problems all over the world. WE the humans of Earth make it that way. I prefer to live and let live. Treat all people as they teat me, and judge not. For so as you judge, so shall you be judged.

    Carlosst1 / Reply
  78. I think Liberace looked rather buoyant in his Birkenstocks. Truth.

    Gary Logan / Reply
  79. Frank Sinatra having had mafia ties was not a well-kept secret. It was not even a badly-kept secret. It simply wasn’t a SECRET.

    PJ / Reply
  80. i just can’t work up much sympathy for cast members in marvel films. “making movies is HAAARRRD.” well, ya. so is making hundreds of thousands or millions for a few weeks work plus the promo pole-dancing. *shrug* and i just can’t envision anyone holding a gun to natalie portman’s head when she accepted the role. that is some stfu nonsense right there.

    kim bunchalastnames / Reply
  81. Why is everybody so proud of being gay? It is a disgusting act between two people of the same sex. The Darkness is really walking and picking black soul for it’s army. I have been there, done that, and maybe as Marlon B would say” are you kidding?” Why wait until I can’t say nothing? What the gays in this world want is to make everybody against the Creator procreation. The worst is having hollywood homosexual adopt kids. It is a lust- and if you want to be gay- okey that is your own doing but why drag innocent kids to your perverted lifestyle. Ann Hecht was raise by lesbians and it is it clear that when she left Ellen for a man- that might have been the reason for the move. You can’t have both worlds. You can be gay- but gays cannot produce children together. Unless they cheat.

    Jecolon / Reply
  82. “Frank Sinatra May Have Had Mafia Ties”
    Um, this was never a secret, well-kept or otherwise.

    Joe Cogan / Reply
  83. realguyfaux- To the extent that the rumors about Sinatra were not entirely proven , I guess you can still categorize them rumors, but hardly “secret.” People were joking about “Old Blue Eyes’ mob ties in the early 60s, and when the screenwriters of The Godfather brought us singer Johhny Fontane, I doubt that a single movie-goer didn’t know that Fontane was a Sinatra stand in. Sinatra protested almost immediately, and I suspect singer/actor Al Martino (who played Fontane) spent many months looking over his shoulder.

    Similary – rumors of Hudson’s homosexuaity were circulating when I was in high school in the late 60s, along with a lot of sick homophobic remarks I’m sorry to say. I believe the rumor had him shacking up with Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle).

    As for J. Edgar Hoover – his cross-dressing has never been substantiated in any way, shape, or form, so I think we have to characterize that rumor differently. Given that he was single his entire life, I guess rumors were inevitable, but I think it more likely that Hoover never had sex, or even thought about it.

    Llew Keller / Reply
  84. Lady GaGa doesn’t lip sync.p

    Evan / Reply
  85. Although Neil Gaiman has stated that he is not a Scientologist, he apparently donates money to the organization in memory of his late father.

    Jimvanhise / Reply
  86. Yeah, Marlon was gay w/10+ biological children. There are rumors he engaged in some homosexual acts, but that doesn’t make someone gay; maybe experimental.

    Sally / Reply
  87. Reading #12 about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although he did cheat on his wife during their marriage, strange there was no mention of Maria Shriver cheating on him.

    Harry Jismsm / Reply
  88. Ditto Monroe boffing two of the Kennedy brothers.

    DrSnake / Reply
  89. The homosexuals loved to spout lies about Marlon Brando because they wanted him to be like them. Brando wrote in his autobiography that he never fruity which is the final word. The man bedded thousands of women.

    Lois Servant / Reply
  90. That the “Mob” was deeply involved in the movie making business, especially during the era when the studios were all powerful in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and into the 50’s is a well known fact. There is no room for speculation about that. Thelma Todd was deeply involved with Mafiosos and were possibly involved in her mysterious death in 1935. Later, in 1937 then superstar and creator of the Three Stooges, Ted Healy, was beaten severely enough that it resulted in his death some three days later. Allegedly the beating was carried out in the parking lot of the old Trocadero club by none other than Columbia star Wallace Beery and a young Albert Broccoli, the producer of the James Bond franchise, who definitely had ties to the Mafia. Harry Cohn, president of Columbia Pictures, covered up the whole incident. This was SOP in Hollywoodland. As stated the studios were all powerful and had undeniable ties to the Mafia. That Sinatra was at least on the fringes of the group is also undeniable. I mean, come on folks, headliner at the Sands during the early years of ‘Vegas during an era when the Mafia was king?

    Bjorn A Vulvan / Reply
  91. I was raised in Burbank and had experiences on both sides of the camera. While on the outside it appears to be all professional and above board, the underlying current is some of the most smarmy and despicable activities anyone could imagine. The old studio system is alive and well and the old saying that, “It’s not what you know but who you know” could never be more true. It’s all politics and deal making with money as the cementing force that drives the ambition and sometimes truly despicable activities that motivate the participants. In that respect, it’s not much different in American politics: a truly sleazy example of just how low human beings are when it comes to money…and I mean whole LOTS of money. So the next time you watch a movie either made in the early days, or even today, don’t stop to think about what’s going on behind the cameras and on the top floors where the true vultures are found…ironically, sort of like Gargoyles on Cathedrals

    Bjorn A Vulvan / Reply
  92. An investigative reporter did an in depth look into J. Edgar Hoover and could not find one shred of evidence that his cross-dressing was true. In fact, she found that the rumor actually started in the underworld, oddly enough, right around the time he targeted them.

    Morgan Mangini / Reply
  93. Anytime you have the possibility of large amounts of money, the dark side of people will come out. Those who have enough to buy anything or anyone they want, and those with none that want it all – they will buy the kids the greedy sell, they will buy whatever they need to and satisfy their desire for whatever that desire is. That wasn’t just “old Hollywood”, that is present Hollywood, and will be the future Hollywood.Look at Cosby, Jackson and any other of the scandals that come out. It is just as bad as it ever was. Why ? because that’s what humans do when given unlimited access to the candy store.
    On the parents side – you would be really surprised to see how a brain can go into denial all by itself when they keep their eye on the prize.

    Morgan Mangini / Reply
  94. Thank God for metal ! No lip synching there !

    Morgan Mangini / Reply
  95. The Kennedy brothers learned this behavior from their womanizing father. It passed from generation to generation. JFK liked living on the edge and it finally cost him his life. Brother Robert did this also and his relentless investigations around the underworld activities cost him his. Father Joe got rich being a bootlegger so he was a very tough individual. They were a very popular family, but not liked by some very powerful people. Whatever your value system is when you are young carries you into adulthood and may bring you to a place of no return. That’s the life lesson here.

    chaunceytanner / Reply
  96. This was pretty well known in California that he had a wondering eye. But having a child with their housekeeper did him in with his famous wife.

    chaunceytanner / Reply
  97. Kennedys were very immoral people. She was too.

    Chris Renegar / Reply
  98. *QUESTION?? “She defended the decision in an open letter to the New York Times, stating that she possesses a genetic anomaly that made her a high risk target for breast cancer.” *Why should Angelina Jolie OR anyone have to “defend” their medical decisions?? *OR – other life decisions? *Do you, Fans and Readers, have to defend your medical decisions?

    Granny Gruntz / Reply
  99. I thought this was long since proven fact!

    Stan_Dillard / Reply
  100. Lol Lady Gaga is one of the few singers that never lip syncs. Google any of her performances and you can see her singing live in all of them

    MrBanstupidity / Reply
  101. most of all good looking males have sex with other males, but they’re NOT gay…can anyone work that out??

    darzan / Reply
  102. No, we’re not cheering. People who define who they are by their sex life are not interesting for that reason. If they make good movies/good acting, that is interesting, not their sex life. Geez, we don’t want to hear about it. BORING.

    Trinnity / Reply
  103. Arnold Scwartzenegger was in the Austrian Army for a time. He was a tank crewman. He didn’t skip the military.

    John Jett / Reply
  104. They forgot Beverly Hills Cop was originally to be for Sylvester Stallone but when Eddie Murphy got the role the original BHC was rewritten into Cobra for Sly.

    Mike Callanan / Reply
  105. Yikes- the photo of the woody Allen and Mia farrow family is bizarre. The dynamics are so interesting with the one child on the side, facing away from the family.

    Diana Wolf / Reply
    • Woody Allen, nothing more than a pedophile who gets to run free, only because he has lawyers to beat the charges and contacts to keep investigations on the down-low. He’s got talent, no doubt there, but he is a pedophile low-life and he’ll never change that. But that’s Hollyweird, full of miscreants and mental health deviants.

      Ben Dover / (in reply to Diana Wolf) Reply
  106. no one get s huge paycheck from marvel
    they are notorious for their tight wad approach to actors and producers
    (except maybe downey in later films)
    joss whedon said he makes more off his sing along dr terrbile than he ever managed to squeeze out of marvel

    dregj / Reply

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