“Freedom Has Prevailed” In New York City At The Screening Of The Interview

December 26, 2014


A crowd of about 100 people showed up at the 10 a.m. Christmas Day screening of The Interview at Cinema Village, the only movie theatre currently showing the film in New York City.

People who showed up to see the movie were armed with notions of protecting free speech and shaming the hackers who dared to reference the Sept 11 terrorist attack as they made threats against theaters which released “The Interview”.

“We are taking a stand for freedom,” said theater manager Lee Peterson of the Cinema Village, adding, “We want to show the world that Americans will not be told what we can or cannot watch. Personally, I am not afraid.”

Most of the tickets for 8 screenings of The Interview at Cinema Village were sold out by early afternoon on Thursday.

As of 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, the movie could be streamed for $5.99 or purchased for $14.99.

We have yet to see what the moviegoers thought of the film itself, sans attention and hype that have been created around its release.