A Health Shocker: 9 Celebrities With Deadly Diseases


2. Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher suffered severe head injuries on Dec 29 2013 following a skiing accident in France.

He started waking up from a medically induced coma six months later, and on June 16 2014 left the hospital to start the recovery process from home.

Although a severe accident followed by a medically induced coma is technically not a disease, it is an extremely serious condition from which he may never fully recover.

Recent media reports indicate that the former Formula 1 world champion is slowly waking up, and his family is optimistic that with enough time and proper care, Schumacher will make a full recovery. The ex-driver is cared for by 15 medical experts in a special medical suite in his mansion in Switzerland.

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Experts agree that he will probably get better, but they all agree on one thing, he is highly unlikely to drive a Formula 1 car again.