15 Famous Male Faces That Look Way Better With Beards


We can all agree that most men look better with beards, and naturally, a big number of celebs fits into this category. However, some famous male faces, 15 of them to be exact, look so amazingly better with facial hair we don’t ever want to see them without any. You know what they say, what has been seen cannot be unseen.

1. Jamie Dornan

This 50 Shades Of Grey actor has been right in the bull’s-eye of attention lately, thanks to his role in the mentioned movie.

Somewhere along his post Christian Grey phase, the handsome actor decided he should sport a nice beard to go with his new-found sex appeal, and we have to say, we are loving it.

Although his movie didn’t cause as much controversial stir as the producers hoped it would (seriously, it’s not that shocking), it did introduced the world to Jamie Dornan, who now comes in a full-beard variation.

We advise Dornan not to shave his facial art away, since he looks a hundred times better with it.

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  1. Sorry. have to disagree. I’m so over all of the beards that take away the individual handsome features of some very good looking men. Some men look like their faces are dirty in some photos and the multi color beards do nothing for me, some looking like calico cats. It’s like going back to the 1800s.Are men just getting too lazy to shave? Can you imagine all of the bacteria living in that facial fur? Give me a well groomed, clean face any time. At one time beards were grown to hide a man’s weak chin.In that case a beard would enhance an appearance. Hoping the trend will change. 🙂

    funbunn40 / Reply

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