15 Celebrities with Physical Deformities


2. Dan Aykroyd (Webbed Toes & Heterochromia)

Dan Aykroyd is one of the world’s funniest men, having made his meteoric rise to fame and topped out as a Hollywood legend.

What many of you may not know about him though is that he was born with a couple not-so-uncommon birth defects.

Dan has webbed toes and heterochromia, a condition that leaves his right eye green and his left eye brown.

That’s pretty cool to say the least. Dan debuted his webbed toes to the world in the movie Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video, and his eyes have been available for anyone who looks close enough.

His on screen confidence reflects much of the confidence he exhibits daily in his real life, so these conditions obviously must not bother him. Regardless, he’s never given an explanation on the subject, and why should he?