12 Disney Characters You Liked When You Were Kids

February 3, 2014

1. Mickey Mouse


He often shared the TV screen with Walt Disney himself and is the face of the Disney brand. We not only loved him as kids, but he is as popular as ever today.Don’t believe it? Wait in line in one of the hours-long lines at the Disney parks just to get his autograph.

2. Cinderella


If there is such a thing as being queen of the princesses, Cinderella would be her. Who doesn’t love the thought of being swept away from dismal circumstances to a world of royalty and riches? She’s lovable enough to get her own castle and to this day, little girls dream of being her. There could be worse choices.

3. Winnie the Pooh


Many may not even realize he is a Disney character. What’s not to love about the Pooh Bear? He is so lovable many have adopted some form of his moniker as an affectionate nick-name. You have to love a character whose most aggressive words are “Oh bother!”

4. Snow White


You know if it weren’t for Cinderella, Snow White would be Disney’s most loved princess. Swirling, dancing, singing and always so loving to those Seven Little Dwarfs. A particular favorite of young, and not so young, brunettes.

5. Donald Duck


The Donald was especially popular with boys due to his slightly irreverent attitude. A raspy voice, wide load and short temper endear him to millions. There was always a kid at school who could imitate his voice dead-on.

6. Stitch


Lilo takes Experiment 626, names it Stitch and the rest is Disney history. Stitch is a mechanical pet that learns respect, love and compassion, and the younger among us enjoyed watching it happen.

7. Dumbo


Many don’t remember this famous cartoon elephant’s real name was Jumbo Jr. He was cruelly given the name Dumbo do to his large ears. When he used those ears to fly he taught us all how to make lemonade out of lemons.

8. Goofy


We loved him because he was, well… goofy. While people could see themselves as Cinderella or Prince Charming, we all knew someone who was like Goofy. They were probably our favorite friends.

9. Nemo


Disney took us to the edge of our seats with this sometimes foolish, sometimes brave fish who was far too young to go out on his own. We could identify in his adventures and his fears.

10. Belle

Disney "Beauty & the Beast 3D" Belle. ©2011 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

The pretty half of Beauty and the Beast was loved for her bravery and ability to see beyond physical looks. Girls loved her for her courage and beauty and boys hoped they could find a girl like her.

11. Woody


One of the many characters that came from the marriage of Pixar and Disney, Toy Story’s Woody was a character we rooted for and bonded with. Having a voice that sounded amazingly like Tom Hanks didn’t hurt.

12. Thumper


Perhaps the most minor of characters on this list, this little bunny from Bambi was so adorable, you wanted to pick him up right off the screen.