11 Most Illogical Movie Endings


5. Django Unchained (2012)

Here we have a Western film about the pre-Civil War South in which a slave and a German bounty hunter team up to find several fugitives.

Well, not quite. In actuality, the bounty hunter buys the slave Django, played by Jamie Foxx, because he knows that Django has seen the fugitives that he seeks.

He promises to free Django after they catch the outlaws and even promises to share the reward with him if he helps out.

The movie is replete with fight scenes, shoot-outs, and all of the elements you would expect in a good Western. At the end of the movie, however, Django wins the day by blowing up a plantation using dynamite. What’s the problem with that?

Well, the movie is set in 1858 and dynamite wasn’t invented until 1867, nearly a decade later. This isn’t the most illogical turn that the movie could take, but it does seem like a lazy turn. People have defended the ending by saying that the movie was “just for fun” and “fantasy,” but even fantasy needs to stay true to the limits it sets for itself.

If you are going to take the “it’s just a fantasy route,” then you ought to have no problem with phasers and photon torpedoes in the movie either. If, however, those elements would bother you, then consider that the use of dynamite might seem to others to be “cheating” as well. The fact is, movies must operate within the confines they set for themselves lest they make it impossible for the audience to maintain their suspension of disbelief.

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  1. In the Fight Club commentary, it’s shown that if you slow the footage down, you see the bullet fly back out of his mouth because it ricochets off a bone in his jaw. People have survived shooting themselves this way before in real life.

    Russell / Reply
    • A bullet it not going to ricochet off a bone. Deflect, maybe. IT is not going to ricochet

      lakawak / (in reply to Russell) Reply
      • Um, you do realize that ricochet and deflect are synomyms, right? They literally mean the same thing.

        Jay / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
      • Deflection and ricochet are the same thing.

        Kodiak / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
      • his context:
        ricochet = more than 90 degree
        deflect = less than 90 degree

        meowmeow / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
        • Technically, “deflect” means an object changing direction.

          On the other hand, “ricochet” means change of direction after hitting a rigid surface and are almost exclusively used for projectiles.

          Electrons changing direction due to magnetic fields are deflection, but not ricochets.

          Therefore, in this context, they both have the same meaning

          Jim_Moriarty / (in reply to meowmeow) Reply
  2. I read that The Last World end was made to begin with JP3. There was a t-rex AND RAPTORS on the boat, the raptors ate all the crew and escape to the city. At first, JP3 story was about raptors in the city

    Liceana / Reply
  3. Django Unchained is a fantasy. So not illogical that dynamite existed in the film

    agreysiren / Reply
  4. Hangover? Great ending. Funny, logical, makes the viewer think to themselves… Of course, he’s still on the roof!

    lsbrew / Reply
  5. Good list but i don’t agree with number 6… Yes he shot himself in the mouth but given the fact that he was fighting and living as 2 people for the duration it really does conjure up the image of a guy who’s far tougher than even he knows

    stuffsticks / Reply
  6. Whoa…..hold on now. You obviously didn’t watch the “Perfect Stranger” in its entirety.
    SPOILER ALERT if you have not seen the movie.

    See when Rowena was a child her father(or step father) was abusive (sexual and /or physically) and her mother killed him. Then, the two buried his body in the back yard.

    Grace (who lived next door) saw Ro and her mother burying the body (which she eluded to when she and Ro chatted on the subway platform.)
    Apparently Grace kept this secret and quite possibly used it to blackmail Ro as they were growing up.
    Now, Grace, a bit of a b-itch, was dumped by Harrison Hill and wanted revenge, so she asked Ro for help, by way of blackmail (Help me and I won’t tell the world what you and your mom did)

    Got it so far?

    Now, Ro killed Grace, quite possibly tired of years being blackmailed. Just one problem, she needed to cover it up.
    What better way than setting up the ex lover, Harrison Hill.

    Which brings us to Miles, who figures all of this out because he is apparently smart, yet he decides to ask Ro “So…what are you going to do for me?” Again, blackmail.
    Ro decides to cover up the cover up of Grace’s death and the set up of Hill by, yup..killing Miles in what would look like an argument gone wrong/self defense.
    Unfortunately ANOTHER neighbor saw her kill him. Geesh, she is just unlucky with neighbors.

    Now, some folks have brought up the question as to why Hill did not “Stand up for himself” when he was taken to trial for Grace’s murder. Simple…love.
    For his wife.
    You see, when we find out that belladona was used to kill Grace, Harrison assumes his wife killed her simply due to the fact she had easy access to the poison.

    The movie was excellently written and well performed.(just my opinion)

    Doubt me? Go re-watch the movie again and pay attention.

    Bubbha Whatchamean / Reply
  7. If I was forced to use a mac I’d kill myself too.

    sol740 / Reply
  8. Perfect Stranger explained why Halle killed her friend. Her father molested her, her mother killed him, the friend seen them burying and was extorting her. Truly she deserved it.

    sherry / Reply
  9. Got to disagree with the “Perfect Stranger” example. To begin Halle Berry’s character is never ‘gentle’; from the first scene it is spelled out that she is manipulative and ambitious.

    Ross Nolan / Reply
  10. in fight club, norton does not shoot himself in the head it looks like that because pitt has a hole in his head, norton shot the inside of his cheek, which explains the blood coming from his cheek

    Dan Koz / Reply
    • That’s how I remembered it… I was wondering about that statement in the article.

      Mark Adams / (in reply to Dan Koz) Reply
    • This article is clearly illogical.

      Nicholas Robshaw / (in reply to Dan Koz) Reply
      • Not illogical. Misinformed. Know your adjectives.

        MrSatyre / (in reply to Nicholas Robshaw) Reply
        • Illogical


          lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning.

          Put the bunny back in the box.

          Guest / (in reply to MrSatyre) Reply
          • You pretty much just made his point. The guy’s reasoning was clear and sound based on what he thought he knew but he was misinformed.

            JohnDoughton / (in reply to Guest)
        • illogical
          lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning.

          Put the bunny back in the box.

          Nicholas Robshaw / (in reply to MrSatyre) Reply
    • Exactly, he only CONVINCED himself that he had killed his alter ego – and thus effectively did

      Nicholas Patrick Hayes / (in reply to Dan Koz) Reply
    • This is definitely what happens. It seems endings are less illogical if you pay attention…

      captainwhizz / (in reply to Dan Koz) Reply
    • Doesn’t matter if you stop to consider how shooting himself in the cheek would be necessary or successful in ridding himself of Tyler. He had far worse injuries simply fighting everyone else in the rest of the movie, so it can’t be pain related. If Tyler is as smart as he seems to be, he’d simply react to being shot in the cheek. Still makes no sense.

      MrSatyre / (in reply to Dan Koz) Reply
      • this is why shooting himself in the cheek killed Tyler. throughout the movie when the narrator is undergoing serious stress, like when the lye is burning his hand, or when the Tyler lets go of the steering wheel, the narrator would constantly try and have control or go to his happy place to block out the pain. but when he shoots himself through the cheek and says “my eye’s are open” it means he is accepting of the pain and his life. therefor in an ultimate form of therapy it was a trigger that was able to get rid of his second personality.

        Slim / (in reply to MrSatyre) Reply
  11. What about Drive? That was the stupidest ending I can think of.

    Diavolino / Reply
  12. Schizophrenia isn’t the same as split personality disorder, they are 2 completely different mental illnesses

    RossB13 / Reply
    • Exactly what I wanted to say. And breaking down inaccurate stereotypes like that is very important with mental illness… Please don’t trivialize it with this kind of misinformation.

      Suz / (in reply to RossB13) Reply
      • it’s a movie for entertainment, not all things are going to be accurate. that really isn’t the point.

        bobby bobby / (in reply to Suz) Reply
    • I would point you to the recent NIMH studies and various articles in New Scientist which argue that you are emphatically mistaken. Your misunderstanding of neuroscience and mental illness is much more damaging that the perceived ignorance of others. That last bit was meant for Suz.

      Avraham Ish Shalom / (in reply to RossB13) Reply
    • That still doesn’t change the argument – someone w/MPD can’t just change personalities at will – there are usually triggers that cause one or another ‘extra’ personalities to emerge.

    • There is no “split personality disorder”. It used to be “multiple personality disorder” and is now “dissociative identity disorder”. Watch United States of Tara.

      JewelEyed / (in reply to RossB13) Reply
  13. I don’t buy the arguments given for “Independence Day.” After all, the aliens were using out satellites to communicate among themselves. If you remember, it was Jeff Goldblum’s character who discovered this clever move on their part. It is therefore not impossible to create a virus to infect an “alien system” which was designed to link with ours. Why would they think about virus protection when they consider themselves superior to us?

    MatureGent / Reply
    • Their using of our satelletites was as nonsensical as the computer penetration. There are so many things that have to be exactly right just on the physical/electrical level just to establish basic communications between devices that actually exist much less some hyphotheical alien computer technology.

      To Engineer is Human / (in reply to MatureGent) Reply
      • and that’s were you went wrong, you’re way over thinking it. It’s just a movie, not an essay or documentary.

        bobby bobby / (in reply to To Engineer is Human) Reply
        • Even a fictional world must be consistant, if something is common knowledge to a class of people, like how computers work, then you cannot help being thrown out of the ‘suspension of disbelief’ is broken by something that does not fit the fictional world you are invoking. This point about the ‘computer virus’ has been being made since the movie came out. A glaringly mistaken detail in a sci-fi movie will do that.

          To Engineer is Human / (in reply to bobby bobby) Reply
          • WHY? Even if you do disbelieve it, it is still just for entertainment and takes nothing away from that. Do you really by aliens invading Earth in the first place? Only way you can by that is if it’s a fictional world and if it’s a fictional world perhaps there is only one computer language that exists in that world.

            bobby bobby / (in reply to To Engineer is Human)
          • But again, it is NOT as big an error as you, and so many others think. I know NOTHING about writing for OS X software. But if I could get access to the iTunes code, I could make it not work very easily by just adding jibberish and deleting large parts of the code. I won’t be able to make it do something specific, but it would take me just a few minutes of my time to make it stop working as iTunes is intended to. And that is all Jeff Goldblum needed to do. Stop the alien’s program from doing its job of creating a shield around its ships. There was no sophisticated hacking required. Hell, he doesn’t even need to know their language. Just copy and paste random parts of the code into other parts would be more than enough.

            lakawak / (in reply to To Engineer is Human)
          • Stop commenting dude and do some learning – that would not work for any computer system on earth, let alone an alien one inside a spaceship.

            You can’t even do what you said in the first place because you don’t have the source code of the alien’s system, you wouldn’t be able to compile it, and you wouldn’t be able to upload it to their machine forcing it to replace the existing operating system.

            The internet is bad because of people like you who try to sound like experts on things that you don’t have a clue about.

            Antonio / (in reply to lakawak)
          • Somebody didn’t pay attention when they said that all of our technology was based on the discoveries after the crash in the 50s. Our computers would have been based on theirs and there was a spaceship to practice on as well.

            Sean / (in reply to Antonio)
          • I know godzilla isn’t scientifically real……….thus godzilla is an awful movie because its unbelievable.

            Honestly if someone can believe a movie about aliens they wont (in the heat of the moment) be thinking about the minor details. It’s only the fact that people watch the same movie over and over to the point where it gets old and they have to pick apart the minor details to keep entertained.

          • Sorry, but I have to disagree. I am a systems engineer by profession and it was obvious to me the first time I ever saw it. The same thing happened in Jurassic Park when a teenage girl sits down at a console a says “Oh a UNIX system, I know that”. Then what they show on the screen is some badly animated junk that resembles nothing real. This article is about ‘illogical moments in movies’ and that’s precisely what it is, not if the movie is good or bad, but if what they put on screen makes logical sense.

            To Engineer is Human / (in reply to Hum)
        • There’s quite a chasm between “essays and documentaries” and movies that are written by people who aren’t even trying or contemptuously think of their audience as willing to accept any damn thing because, hey, it’s only a movie. I admit to enjoying ID4 when I first saw it, but I can’t sit through it now without hating myself.

          Slop_j30 / (in reply to bobby bobby) Reply
          • I was just stating that movies aren’t necessarily educational like essays and documentaries they are just for entertainment but of course there will always be the ones who have to over think everything and take things too seriously all the time.

            bobby bobby / (in reply to Slop_j30)
          • true. I like the movie and Jeff Goldblum. I don’t care if it’s not logical. It doesn’t have to be. All I want is to be entertained, eat my popcorn in peace and have a happy ending.

            carolk124 / (in reply to bobby bobby)
      • The biggest reason why “using out satellites against us” was stupid is WHY did they need to do that? They can’t synchronize their watches before they split off from the mother ship? They are that advanced of a species yet they don’t have a device that keeps accurate enough time to plan an attack without constant updating?

        And if the element of surprise and synchronization was so important to this attack, then why did the aliens tip their hand in showing their evil intent by blowing up the helicopter that posed no threat just minutes before the attack? Had they simply ignored the helicopter, then the president and Jeff Goldblum would not have escaped the White House in time and no one would have figured out how to stop them.

        as for the virus…you don’t need to be that sophisticated to throw a monkey wrench into a computer system’s code. All you need to do is start flooding it with jibberish and the program’s intended use (provide shields for their ships) will not function

        lakawak / (in reply to To Engineer is Human) Reply
        • lol, it reminds me of Scray Movie 3 (spoofing Signals, another M Night Shyamalan disaster), “they can master space flying but they don’t know how to open a door?”

          Abby Medellin / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
        • You misunderstand – the whole point of the satellites is that they used them to communicate without the planet getting in the way. Do you not understand how sound or lightwaves work? They can’t go through the middle of a planet – they have to travel around it.

          Antonio / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
          • atleast that’s how we think they work……………we also think that space travel on the scale they accomplished is improbable.

            Hum / (in reply to Antonio)
      • That isn’t non-sensical at all. I am starting to think your screen name is an ironic one since you don’t know much about engineering. The aliens have obviously been studying out planet for decades. Plus…as was pointed out, the technology created by the US (including our satellites) was largely based on what they learned from the spaceship recovered from the Roswell crash. So it is VERY believable that the aliens could understand our satellite technology (that is based on their own anyway) enough to tap into them after observing us for decades. It isn’t as if they came here 40 years earlier, then after crashing in Roswell they stayed away for 40 years before coming back. There is no reason to believe that they weren’t watching us at every step of the way through our technology advancements so they knew EVERYTHING about our satellite systems and how to use them.

        lakawak / (in reply to To Engineer is Human) Reply
      • Independence Day is one of the few movies that are so well-acted and fast paced, one suspends disbelief. Moreover, for a technologically challenged person like myself the virus part was easy. What is completely unbelievable is Will Smith’s girl friend with son and dog (!) surviving a nuclear hit in a tunnel. But, hell, who cares?! It was fun while it lasted.

    • The only part of this movie that did not make sense was how quick Jeff sobered up to figure it out.
      ID4 did have an illogical endinh but not the reason the author gave; It was ruined by making the rest of the world give up and thought their only best hope was for the u.s to do something. So they sit around a radio and waited.

      Bard / (in reply to MatureGent) Reply
      • Who said they gave up? We see very few people hearing the Morse Code. No one said that they were the LEADERS of those forces and that no one else around them weren’t trying to come up with their own plans. But it is NOT that far fetched that they would be so far behind the US in figuring this out. Remember, the United States had the alien spacecraft for 40+ years. So they had a head start in figuring it out. Plus…there is no way any other country would come up with a plan to fly to the mothership since the key part of that was using an alien ship to fool the aliens into letting them in. Without that alien ship and the knowledge they had, the U.S. would have given up too.
        Not to mention, the US had Jeff Goldblum, and that is better than any other advantage a country could have could have.

        lakawak / (in reply to Bard) Reply
    • Maybe the aliens we’re using Linux! haha!

      Cheekyadam / (in reply to MatureGent) Reply
  14. In Fight Club the “Narrator” played by Edward Norton shoots himself in his mouth and through his cheek not his head. Rewatch the ending he ask for gauze while plugging the new hole in his cheek. He only made Tyler believe that he was killing himself.

    Dustin Jones / Reply
  15. whoa whoa, hold on… you forget that in The Hangover, the guys weren’t just drunk or stoned out of their minds. They had taken roofies which surely WILL blackout your memory, so it makes perfect sense that nobody remembers dragging a mattress out onto the roof.

    Mordhechai / Reply
    • Exactly!

      Me / (in reply to Mordhechai) Reply
    • Exactly, how can the reviewer have forgotten that ? Did he take roofies too ? This was a big revelation in the movie when the dealer said he got confused between LSD and roofies….

      Nicolas Caiveau / (in reply to Mordhechai) Reply
      • XTC not LSD. Looks like the reviewer is not the only one who has forgotten something.

        Coolalex42 / (in reply to Nicolas Caiveau) Reply
        • My mistake, I admit, except that it doesn’t matter if it was XTC or LSD, as they didn’t not take it, they took roofies, that was a very important part of the movie.

          Nicolas Caiveau / (in reply to Coolalex42) Reply
    • You’re right. The only suspect thing here is that 3 out of 4 experienced paradoxial (opposite from usual) effects. Roofies are sedatives and put people to sleep but sometimes (rarely) they do opposite while we can see in the Hangover.

      Michael / (in reply to Mordhechai) Reply
  16. Hide and Seek is not about a man with schizophrenia, it’s about a man with dissociative identity disorder. Schizophrenia is not an identity disorder.

    Marie / Reply
  17. War of The Worlds has the aliens dying from exposure to earth based microbes. The aliens, however, had been on earth for thousands of years didn’t any of them ever open a window?

    jabby / Reply
    • That change (they were here all along) was added just for the Tom Cruise version of the story for no good reason I can think of. In the original book and older movie versions, the Martians came from more traditional spacecraft that appeared to be crashed meteors.

      To Engineer is Human / (in reply to jabby) Reply
      • Furthermore, that change makes NO SENSE, It makes no sense for the aliens to be buried for millions of years with weapons ready to attack. It they wanted the planet, then they could’ve much more easily taken it and colonized millions of years ago. Why wait until humans have evolved sufficiently to fight back? But, by far the most reprehensible Spielberg change was adding Dakota Fanning’s character and all the family drama. Dakota Fanning was AWFUL. Everyone in the theatre wanted to throw her to the aliens after her many outbursts. Who cares about her emotional problems or the Tom Cruise characters’ divorce and strained relations with his children! UGH! Why does Spielberg ALWAYS have to add in a cute child and family drama to everything! What? A battle for the survival of all humanity wasn’t enough story? It was more like War of Tom Cruise’s Family (while meanwhile aliens attack). Very little actual “war” going on, we’re just told about it happening somewhere else. In the original film version in the 50s, the army launched nukes against the aliens, killing millions of innocents, but they kept on coming. Spielberg’s martians just attack a ferry. Should’ve taken the bridge instead.

        Bingo! / (in reply to To Engineer is Human) Reply
    • They were here for thousands of years, yes, but they were buried underground in capsules so I’d say they were protected from bacteria and microbes.

      Rob / (in reply to jabby) Reply
    • weren’t they crash landed and still in their space ships or whatever?

      bobby bobby / (in reply to jabby) Reply
    • They were in stasis. The common cold killed them and the cold virus always changes. Humans dont even have a cure for the cold.

      Bard / (in reply to jabby) Reply
  18. But… the entire plot of The Hangover hinges on the fact that they don’t remember one single thing they did all night. That may make the entire movie illogical, but not the last scene ONLY.

    Eshuster / Reply
    • That’s not illogical, they were ROOFIED, something this article’s author seems to have forgotten

      Me / (in reply to Eshuster) Reply
  19. Your forgetting the MIAN aspect of why Hangover inst possible. In order to get on the roof the first time, they had to climb up the ladder which had the safety cage. Then all of a sudden, out of necessity of plot, they conveniently just have them opening a door and they are on the roof. What?

    James Parker / Reply
  20. Whoever wrote this needs to watch Fight Club again. The movie makes perfect sense, don’t give that conclusion just because you can’t comprehend it.

    Valhalla1759 / Reply
    • the ending to fight club made no sense, but that doesn’t mean an ending to a movie has to though. It’s just for entertainment, it’s not an essay.

      bobby bobby / (in reply to Valhalla1759) Reply
    • OH god…enough one of those social outcasts who thinks that they are superior movie watches that “get” things more than others.

      lakawak / (in reply to Valhalla1759) Reply
  21. One of my biggest problems with the main plot of Django Unchained is this:

    Why not just use all of that money you got from bounty hunting to buy Broomhilda? Dr. Schultz, for no reason whatsoever, believes that Candi (DiCaprio) would refuse to sell her out of some random spite.

    Slaveowners and rich people (the 2 often going hand-in-hand) have one thing in common: they love money! So just offer to buy Broomhilda without having to come up with an overly complicated ruse of buying one Candi’s Mandingo fighters!

    They really put themselves in unnecessary danger with their ruse.

    tman418 / Reply
    • If you remember he did not want to sell her thats why they come up with the ruse

      Bard / (in reply to tman418) Reply
  22. Remember. Tech was reverse engineered from the space craft they had. So basically, anything with a CPU could have uploaded the virus because all the computers in the world came from that ship.

    Pwnagraphic / Reply
    • Good point. I’ve always thought that but never heard anyone else bring it up before.

      Themostunclean / (in reply to Pwnagraphic) Reply
      • Except even now we’ve just started with quantum computing…. so you’d figure over the last 5 decades+ they would have gotten well beyond the cpus from the original ship

        Hum / (in reply to Themostunclean) Reply
  23. How does one fail at dissecting the end of Fight Club? Really?! “Jack” shoots himself in the mouth and through the cheek, metaphorically kiling Tyler. He was willing to kill himself to stop Tyler(himself). It was a psychological breakthrough in which he realizes finally that he doesn’t need Tyler anymore.

    I don’t think you watched The Lost World either. The In-Gen cargo ship carrying the T-Rex and baby went “radio silent” on it’s journey back to San Diego, prompting harbor control to report it to In-Gen. When the a-hole nephew of Hammond snuck on board, the baby and mother T-Rex were already loose, meaning they broke free of their cages at some point on the voyage. The mother Rex then breaks free of the cargo hold altogether and rampages across town.

    Grayden / Reply
    • the fact that the whole thing was in his imagination was what was illogical. although it’s a movie, it doesn’t have to be logical.

      bobby bobby / (in reply to Grayden) Reply
  24. The Happening made 163 million dollars?! Oh good god…

    Guest / Reply
    • On the bright side, roughly 16 million people now have a movie in their database they can always make fun of and use as a benchmark for all other awful movies.

      Slop_j30 / (in reply to Guest) Reply
  25. Jurassic Park isn’t a prequel to The Lost World. “Prequel” is a portmanteau of “previous” and “sequel”, and only applies to things set before other things but released *after* them.

    Noneofyourbusiness / Reply
    • You are right that Jurassic Park isn’t a prequel, but prequel does not stand for “previous sequel” nor is it a portmanteau. That is similar to a backronym. Someone after the fact came up with that to explain it. The fact is, when people first started using the term, they just thought it sounded cool and made sense since the prefix pre-means before. Not one mentioned “previous, perhaps because “previous sequel” wouldn’t even make sense in describe a prequel.

      lakawak / (in reply to Noneofyourbusiness) Reply
      • “Pre” is not for “previous”, it’s just the latin for “before”, and they added “quel” to make it sound like a sequel, but set before instead of after the previous movie.

        Nicolas Caiveau / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
  26. about descent 2: as far as i know the ending of part 1 is different in the states. in germany she wakes up and finds herself still in the cave. she never escaped. and the guy forcing the only survivor (a police woman) back into the cave in part 2 has appeared before. he was the one who worked the elevator to get all those people down into the cave. i think he was some kind of a caretaker for the monsters and didn’t want anybody to know they exist. that’s why i didn’t find the ending illogical.

    redbirds / Reply
    • Agreed. I didn’t like part 2, but I didn’t have a problem with the ending. The ending of the US theatrical version of the first one made no sense at all.
      Frankly, the second one crapped all over the “real” ending of the first one — Sarah is killed and eaten. They could’ve easily made a Descent 2 with all new characters and not blown up the original, but they didn’t. At least the sequel completely demolishes that stupid, too-clever-by-half theory that the whole thing happened in Sarahs’ mind.

      Slop_j30 / (in reply to redbirds) Reply
  27. They’re MOVIES for god’s sake. Who gives a crap that dynamite didn’t exist during the time of Django Unchained? Other than a select few geeks, who the hell keeps the date that dynamite was invented in the forefront of their mind and allow it to “ruin” a movie that they just invested 14 bucks and three hours of their life in?

    Gregg Brennan / Reply
    • The author sounds like a trekkie. I wonder if he goes to Star Trek conventions to complain about a phaser not working the right way in a certain episode

      Bard / (in reply to Gregg Brennan) Reply
    • I mean, Quentin Tarantino movies aren’t known for their realism. In Django, a person gets shot with a shotgun from a 45 degree angle and goes flying 20 feet straight back.

      TBone / (in reply to Gregg Brennan) Reply
  28. Just a quick nitpicky comment, schizophrenics do not have multiple personalities, someone with dissociative identity disorder (DID), more commonly known as multiple personality disorder would display these symptoms 🙂

    yas754 / Reply
    • Correct, though in some cases of DID alters share awareness of what the others alters are doing, and in other cases they don’t. I just find it incredibly lazy of the author (not to mention ironic) to point out inaccuracies of film endings while making the same mistake by incorrectly identifying the mental illness and then reporting about it with misinformation.

      Earl Louis / (in reply to yas754) Reply
  29. Norton didn’t shoot himself. He was projecting himself at Pitt one final time. The Tyler Durden side of him shot himself. Norton stood up free of Tyler…

    Kaine Morrison / Reply
  30. Django is an homage to spaghetti Westerns, and dynamite — while historically inaccurate in Django — is a common device in those, so in that sense Tarantino’s movie is faithful to its source material. Of course, most Westerns are set after the Civil War.

    Greg Weatherford / Reply
  31. Schizophrenia is not multiple personalities disorder…schizophrenia is when you lose touch with reality..multiple personality disorder is what happened in hide and seek…i’m sick of Hollywood using schizophrenia because it sounds better

    Dani / Reply
  32. Unix on a mac. Non-issue. If you were a geek, you’d understand.

    Wolvee / Reply
  33. Hangover made perfect sense so did Fight Club how about watch the movie again and you will understand it

    . / Reply
  34. lol there’s a difference between having something like photon torpedoes and having dynamite a few years early.

    bobby bobby / Reply
    • How? Please explain the difference.

      Esme S / (in reply to bobby bobby) Reply
      • If I have to explain there probably isn’t much I can do to help you out but I’ll try anyways. Let me put it this way there is a difference between a fictional weapon and a weapon that was used just a few years too early. Most people aren’t even going to notice as long as the weapon was used in that period of time. I think just about everyone is going to notice that photon torpedoes just don’t fit.

        bobby bobby / (in reply to Esme S) Reply
  35. The reason they couldn’t remember that they taken the mattress on the roof is because they had unknowingly taken ruffies which they thought was ecstasy. Ruffies cause memory loss

    Chris / Reply
  36. I can guarantee not only guys like fight club. Well actually I don’t think women like fight club for the movie they just like it for how brad pitt looks in it lol

    bobby bobby / Reply
  37. The illogical endings are the best endings.

    bobby bobby / Reply
  38. lol the hangover is one of the most entertaining movies ever made. The fact that the ending makes no sense just made it even better!

    bobby bobby / Reply
    • But the ending MADE sense. They were drugged, they took roofies, that’s why they forgot everything…

      Nicolas Caiveau / (in reply to bobby bobby) Reply
  39. The aliens thought the were above everyone they didn’t need anti virus software or their antivirus didn’t have definitions for this particular virus you take your pick and to be fair no one assumed it would work it was just the off chance that it did. They lucked out! That’s also symbolism, the ending was beautifully done!

    bobby bobby / Reply
    • There is a simpler explanation as to way they didn’t need AV software. Their civilization is clearly evolved beyond interspecies fighting. They all seem to work together with no selfishness. So, no alien would write a virus. If they are not used to ever having a virus, then there would be no need to install programs to prevent them.

      lakawak / (in reply to bobby bobby) Reply
      • that works too I guess, they only thing is these aliens are evil. Don’t you think they would some times turn on even each other? Even good people turn on each other. Or are they evil but still very loyal? Is that even possible?

        bobby bobby / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
  40. you are way to picky, the world is not ruined in the least by that moment.

    bobby bobby / Reply
  41. Why wouldn’t Signs be on this list? There is nothing more illogical than the belief that an alien species that has obviously mastered interstellar travel (and therefore could choose any number of planets to go to) choosing to invade a planet that is not only 70% covered in deadly poison (to them) but where that same deadly poison often falls from the sky without much warning! And yet they did this…AND apparently chose to land in places where this deadly poison falls the MOST (farming areas that get the most rain)

    lakawak / Reply
    • Maybe you should watch it again. They state in the movie (on the news) that it was not an invasion with the intent to conquer, but a harvest. They were gathering humans for some unexplained reason, they were not planning on staying for any significant amount of time. Another problem with your argument is they invaded all over the world, not just where the movie took place and it was mentioned several times that they seamed to be avoiding areas with large bodies of water.

      All of that aside, the whole point of the movie was the restoration of faith that the Mel Gibson character went through. The way that the entirety of his life, including his wife’s death, daughter’s mental illness, son’s asthma and brother’s failed baseball career, lead to his family being saved. The invasion was simply a vehicle for his journey back to faith as seen in the end.

      Themostunclean / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
    • I don’t need to watch it again. Regardless of their motives, it was an invasion. They invaded a planet that is full of deadly poison to them to harvest us. Are you so stupid as to think that there are aliens out there, but this was the ONLY planet they could find what they needed (humans or some equivalent)? And let’s pretend to be really stupid and think that the Earth WAS the only place they go get what they needed…still doesn’t explain why those chose the WORST place on the planet to do this – farming areas that gets lots of rain. (and yes…even all across the world it was always in farmland…hence the whole point of the title SIGNS..get it..the crop circles were the SIGNS.) Sure…the mano wh you dream about naked every night M. Night whatever did it because he thought the idea of crop circles being their “sign” of where to land seemed kind of cool…but applying even a third grader’s logic would have told him that they might want to choose a more arid place to start this harvest. There are plenty of people in the Middle East and other desert areas that have less of the deadly poison lying around and where it RARELY falls from the sky randomly.

      lakawak / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
      • We as humans attempt to “invade” (visit in hopes of creating settlements) place that can kill us. Namely space and the ocean. We create vehicles that take us to the depths of the ocean that if damaged or malfunction will kill everyone on board. We have blasted off into space knowing very well that if something went wrong everyone would die. Just because something, or some place, is dangerous doesn’t mean we would not go there.

        I looked at the aliens in Signs as being soldiers sent to a very dangerous and knowingly deadly place (Earth) to fulfill a mission. If we found out life was on Mars, wouldn’t we send manned craft there if we could? Even though Mars is a dangerous place for humans? Or if the cure to cancer was on the surface of Saturn, wouldn’t we go?

        davjaxn / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
        • Humans have the good sense to wear space suits in space and diving stuff in deep water. Why didn’t the Signs aliens just put on a water-proof suit or uniform? Problem mostly solved. Look, I actually really enjoyed Signs and watch it every other year or so, but there’s just no way to argue away the inconceivably stupid flaw in their plan, and thus in the movie. For some reason I’m able to overlook it and appreciate Signs as a whole, but that particular element is a groaner.

          Slop_j30 / (in reply to davjaxn) Reply
      • Agreed, on you needing to rewatch. It is stated in the movie that this is an act of desperation for the Aliens. They had no choice in finding another place to harvest. Also they mention in the movie that, the battle turned around in the middle east where a group of people found a primitive way to beat them. There were plenty of subtle things people didn’t pay attention to that were perfect.

        Arbiter41 / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
      • No one needs to ever watch the happening again. Ever. Killer trees. Bad acting. No kid seeing dead people.

        Tomd / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
    • How about an alien species that has obviously mastered interstellar travel can be defeated by getting locked in the closet behind a wooden door?

      Dustin Goldsen / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
      • Might I suggest watching the Nostalgia Critic’s review for Signs? He makes a lot of points and a few spoofs.
        – They mastered space flight but can’t open doors.
        – Water in some form is lethal to them. Isn’t there moisture in the air…?
        – Gibson’s character’s faith was lost when his wife got killed and in the end he had to… go through this endurance round to gain his faith back so it’s like nothing ever happened, minus one wife. Wut?
        – Aliens invade a planet and bring no weapons. They expected to harvest humans, whom they’d expect would come aboard the saucers willingly?
        – Who would’ve thought a planet with so many trees would have so much wood, deterring the aliens?

        Deviant / (in reply to Dustin Goldsen) Reply
        • These “aliens are dumb” logic arguments are fun to think about, but don’t really hold water. Advancements in certain technologies, does not equate to advancement in all technology. Space flight might have come easier to Alien civilizations for any number of reasons. (Atmosphere was easier to escape/re-enter, better or easier sources of the energy needed, etc.)
          Numerous times in our own species past have certain civilizations been highly proficient at some technologies, but completely in the dark about others.

          Also, just because water is toxic, does not make water vapor toxic. Chlorine is highly toxic and even deadly in even small amounts. Yet every time we jump in a swimming pool we are surrounded by it. Also, some allergies only work in certain ways. Someone allergic to gluten doesn’t break out in hives if they touch a loaf of bread.

          JOB4Chiefs / (in reply to Deviant) Reply
          • Consider all the Roman advancements and yet Rome did not have the concept of the number zero. How could such an advanced empire completely lack the concept of zero? Well, they did. And, on top of that, their entire mathematical structure was hopelessly cumbersome.

            The Mayans did not ever have the concept of the wheel (and wagons) beyond simple toys. As advanced as they were, they did not have carts nor chariots, not even a wheel barrow.

            As to the aliens in the movie, they also had weapons in the form of biologically poisonous gas they secreted. As to doors, their problem was not in opening doors, but barricaded or nailed doors, something most humans have trouble with.

            Camille Riddle / (in reply to JOB4Chiefs)
      • They aren’t aliens, they were Demons, that why the water in the house of a man of faith was poisonous to them.

        Snowbear / (in reply to Dustin Goldsen) Reply
    • Signs SHOULD be top of the list. One, he just happens to have a hundred strategically placed glasses of water to hit? BUT apart from all the rain, and flying broken glasses of water…. if water kills them, wouldn’t water vapor in the air make the air particularly hazardous?????

      monkeypuss / (in reply to lakawak) Reply
      • I agree about the water vapour in the air… but I think you’ve missed the point about the glasses of water. Mel’s character thinks that his son’s asthma, and his daughter’s quirk about leaving water around everywhere, are negative things… but it turns out that they’re things that have been intentionally ‘designed’ by God to save them when the aliens are about to kill them. Mel realises this and his faith is restored.

        NuclearGibbon / (in reply to monkeypuss) Reply
  42. I wonder if the author watched every movie he is writing about all the way through. Sometimes it seems he either read the blurb before watching the ending or fast fowarding the movie until the end. Alot of the stuff he says about the movie shows he did not understand it.

    Bard / Reply
  43. I once logged into a BBS with a Commodore Vic-20 with a 1200 baud modem and downloaded the complete plans for the USS Nimitz, all technological drawings, and Behind the Green Door, in Ultra HD, in 2.1 seconds using the Alien version of BASIC. So yes, that is plausible. As far as Ed Norton shooting himself in the mouth, as an FFL holder and expert in Bazooka’s, I believe he was using a Revolver chambered in 600 Nitro Express acting as a .25 Lorcin. Therefore I do not deem plausible the fact that he did not “Blow his head, clean off”.

    Jerry Jerry / Reply
  44. In Independence Day, they already had one of the alien ships in Area 51 so that’s how they knew what computer program the aliens were using. Al least it sounds good!

    Jim Anaple / Reply
  45. How about also the fact that Multiple Personalities and Schizophrenia are two SEPARATE mental illnesses and do not have anything to do with the other???

    Because I Know / Reply
  46. Surprised you left out “The Forgotten”
    It was shaping up to be a good movie and we were anxious to see what was really going on. The fact it turned into an “aliens did it” movie seemed like a cop-out, since you can say it was aliens without really having to explain why.
    Looking over comments about the movie, apparently the DVD release has an alternate ending and deleted scenes that make it all fit together much better.

    TBone / Reply
  47. The Descent Part 2: the guy who pushes the protagonist back into the cave actually does have a part in the movie before that scene. He owns the shack/mining land that reveals a mining lift that the police group travel down to go into the cave. Yes it’s a small part, but paying attention to this means the ending isn’t that much of a disappointment. The question you’re left with really, is why?

    Tash Riley / Reply
  48. A scene in ID4 that hit the cutting room floor explained that most modern tech (MACs included) were reverse engineered from the alien ship that crashed in Roswell. I am pretty sure they still make mention to some extent about where our technology boom stemmed from if my memory serves right.

    Dave McHugh / Reply
  49. Despite many things wrong with Lost World, they actually deleted/didn’t shoot a shot of a Raptor escaping the Ingen tanker as it crashed into San Diego. This would have explained the dead crew better but would have also set up another can of worms with 2 dinos running around town instead of just one.

    Dave McHugh / Reply
  50. The ending to the first Jurassic Park was just as illogical as Lost World. The TRex “saved” the survivors, but it came out of nowhere, making no sound or vibrating ground upon its approach, nor did it knock down any wall to enter the building. Maybe Newman set up some sort of transporter device.

    TRex / Reply
  51. Schizophrenia does not equal multiple personality disorder. The point made about the evidence is correct, but those two terms cannot be used interchangeably like that and are two completely different disorders.

    RedHead0186 / Reply
  52. Mars Attacks was more entertaining than Independence Day and did even less at the box office, I believe. ID was full of stock Hollywood stereotypical characters, while MA was scathing satire on Washington and the military chain of command. It was a hilarious film with great special effects and superior acting.

    Gary Cangemi / Reply
  53. Actually, this movie is in line with everything that we know about evolution. For example, if environmental pressure had exerted itself differently we could have been trees instead of people.

    tayt / Reply
  54. Hide and Seek’s critique seems a bit misplaced. How exactly would finding the DNA of a husband on the victim be in any way indicative of foul play?

    JHughes / Reply
  55. Everything else in “The Lost World” was logical and made sense until then? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    That entire movie is one preposterous contrivance after another.

    My favorite part is when the T-Rex is running loose in San Diego, and hundreds of people upon seeing it, run OUT OF THE BUILDINGS they were to flood the middle of the street right in front of the T-Rex. HAHAHAHA!! Good stuff!

    That is even better than the scene where 20 men armed with military-style weapons try to outrun the T-Rex, which is impossible, rather than merely firing their weapons.

    Shawn N / Reply
  56. Schizophrenia is NOT the same as multiple personality disorder. This is a mistake made by dumb people everywhere. Schizophrenics do not have multiple personalities. If you’re going to criticize the psychology in a movie, maybe know some.

    Susanity / Reply
  57. Be honest. Is there really a way that The Happening could have ended any better? Would you really have been satisfied if they attributed it to aliens or a government experiment or something else cheap like that? Those would have just felt like predictable cop-outs. Even though the ending was a little silly and disappointing, it is one of the scarier explanations if you use your imagination. What’s more frightening than to think that inanimate trees that we are surrounded by and can’t get away from could make us lay down in front of a moving lawnmower if they so chose?

    Anyway, I think The Happening suffered from its own grand idea. There’s rarely a good way to explain crazy, scary things like that. Look at lots of Stephen King’s works. It? Oh, just a giant alien spider making people hallucinate. The Langoliers? Well the idea of being in an empty past was cool, but then you had giant fuzzballs with chainsaw teeth that devoured the past. Some things are just best left unexplained. The concept is where it’s all at. But let’s be honest… The majority of modern-day moviegoers who want everything spoon-fed to them wouldn’t be happy with a mysterious ending that’s open to interpretation either. There was just no way for Shyamalan to win with an idea like that. Kudos to him for trying, though.

    mcmeador / Reply
  58. In ‘Fight Club,’ the self-inflicted gunshot wound does not involved an intracranial projectile trajectory and thus is imminently survivable. (Entry point is oral, exit point is retromolar trigone region.)

    Todd Scarbrough / Reply
  59. The ending to Fight Club is obviously completely surreal. He killed himself.

    DarkLordOfDoom / Reply
  60. Some of these are pretty dumb. The Hangover: you most certainly can forget the events from the night of heavy drinking. I have done it many times. Not to mention they were also drugged. Independence Day: you had a good point had they not had an alien spaceship that they were studying for years on end. FIght Club: many have defended this already. He shot himself through the cheek, effectively killing his psychotic personality. The Lost World: I don’t remember a box but is it safe to assume that a T-Rex could break out of it? The Descent Part 2: Come on. It was a B movie. That’s like pointing out illogical aspects of 2 Headed Shark Attack. The Happening: …ya, that was pretty stupid.

    Josh / Reply
  61. The ending to “Pulp Fiction” always pissed me off — what was in the damn briefcase?

    It was glowing and caused awe and wonder — but we never find out what it was?

    So basically 20 years later and nobody knows what’s in it. I swore to myself that I would ask Quentin Tarantino if I ever met him in person for never revealing what was in that briefcase.

    DoctorVizzini / Reply
    • Diamonds were in the briefcase. They decided not to actually show the diamonds because Tarantino felt like it wasn’t important to actually show them and because he had already used diamonds in a movie. The briefcase was a MacGuffin (it didn’t matter what it was but it helped to advance the plot).

      Allen / (in reply to DoctorVizzini) Reply
    • Who cares about what’s in the briefcase ? It doesn’t matter at all.

      Nicolas Caiveau / (in reply to DoctorVizzini) Reply
  62. The Lost World issue is the result of sloppy editing. There was a cut scene where the crew were all killed by raptors after they set sail. The T-Rex had never escaped the hatch to begin with.

    Of course, that explanation then leaves the question of how a boat with no crew managed to stay perfectly on course.

    MrBeale / Reply
  63. In The Hitcher, the girl’s name is Grace. It was symbolism. She is the saving grace to everyone; she ended the killer’s reign of terror; she stopped the future carnage that was caused by the madman. I never once asked myself “What was the point of it all?” as your article says. It made complete sense to me.

    X / Reply
  64. Dissociative Identity Disorder, or multiple personalities, is not the same as Schizophrenia. It is perfectly possible for one alternate personality to do things of which the others are unaware, and it’s possible for one or more personalities to be aware of one or more other personalities.

    MorgaineSwann / Reply
  65. The one for independence day always bugged me. But your average person doesn’t think, or know about about things like different programming languages, different operating systems, or platforms. One could argue that they somehow reverse engineered the alien code by dumping data, but even then assembly code is processor dependent and different processors have different instruction sets. I think it would be impossible for a human, no matter how smart, to reverse engineer something in binary (though I guess I could be wrong) But even then you’re assuming the aliens are using a binary system as opposed to something like trinary (quantum computing), or maybe something even more advanced that we haven’t thought of yet.

    Mark Adams / Reply
  66. Well, the Lost World thing was actually explained, but for some insane, ridiculous and impossible to grasp reason it was cut from the final film (or never filmed, I don’t remember, but it was definitely scripted).

    See, some raptors had sneaked on the boat, and they killed the guards. I have no idea why they abandoned such a simple idea that would easily explain the rest.

    drdvdplayerhandbook / Reply
  67. How about Cabin in the Woods?? What a waste of time watching that one imo. The ending scenario was so far out there. In fact the entire premise of the movie made absolutely no sense at all.

    seagal / Reply
  68. I’m sorry, but I can’t take over half of these seriously, for example, in The Lost World, the author says that the box was just a small flub in an otherwise superb movie. Yet she then goes to claim that this small flub ruined the movie and wasted her time, along with many of the other movies on the list that she either misquoted or brought up the most minute points in.

    Ed / Reply
  69. I thought he shot himself through the cheek of his mouth, and he never intended to shoot himself in the head. It was more a statement of his acceptance and moving on from Tyler Durden (the manifestation of it)

    Ryan Ingram / Reply
  70. Perhaps aliens aren’t douchebags that create viruses to ruin each other’s computers. It would explain why they don’t have antivirus. Just saying.

    Queen_of_Snarks / Reply
  71. Wrong, M. Night Shyamalan’s first movie was not Sixth Sense, he had done two other films prior, one staring Rosie O’Donnell. Please get your facts straight if you want us to take you seriously.

    Robert Ramos / Reply
  72. Of course the premise of Independance Day is a bit outrageous. It’s a science fiction movie. But it’s probably not quite as outrageous as you think. Jeff Goldblum’s character was supposedly a genius, our scientists had an alien ship to study for something like fifty years, the alien mothership and the spaceships sitting over our cities were communicating using our satellite systems, which proves our technology was compatible, and the virus we sent to the alien mothership didn’t have to control or change anything. It only had to screw things up for a few minutes. It might be remotely possible.

    greree / Reply
  73. “At the end, the protagonist is thrown back into the cave he has just
    crawled out of by a man who had had no role in the movie up to that

    First off, the protagonist was a she, not a he. Second, the man DID have a role in the movie, he was the one who lowered the group into the mines.

    Did you even watch the movie? It wasn’t all that much of an illogical ending, even if the movie as a whole was an unsatisfying one.

    Um / Reply
  74. What’s the problem with the use of dynamite in Django ? Come one, it’s a Tarantino movie, he killed Hitler in Inglourious Basterds, that is much more innacurate than a problem of date as it NEVER happened. And nobody cares.

    The Hangover: they took roofies ! That’s why they forgot everything….

    Nicolas Caiveau / Reply
  75. independence day… really!!!
    1 all the tech we have (in the film) was based upon what we had learned from there little ship that crashed and had been exsamining for the better part of 20 to 30 years, so our tech was theirs with our twist,

    2 the aliens having never truly encountered us and not knowing what we had done with or tech (based on theirs) had no idea how to combat a computer virus. also the aliens who spend all their time travelling relying on their
    might to conquer worlds having never been beaten probably never
    thought to need to protect their computer systems from a digital attack
    based upon their own tech

    3 you can use code written with a windows pc to corrupt and or kill an android device so what is so infeasible about it.

    Nick Blakesley / Reply
  76. independence day… really!!!
    1 all the tech we have (in the film) was based upon what we had learned from there little ship that crashed and had been examining for the better part of 20 to 30 years, so our tech was theirs with our twist,

    2 the aliens having never truly encountered us and not knowing what we had done with or tech (based on theirs) had no idea how to combat a computer virus. also the aliens who spend all their time travelling relying on their
    might to conquer worlds having never been beaten probably never
    thought to need to protect their computer systems from a digital attack
    based upon their own tech

    3 you can use code written with a windows pc to corrupt and or kill an android device so what is so infeasible about it.

    Jurassic park the lost word,

    it is stated in the move that they had sedated it and it seemed like it was dying of an overdose so they gave it a counter-agent half way through the journey which was a mistake, it killed most of the crew and fatally injured the rest before they managed to trick it into the hold and close the doors which they had opened to give it the don’t die shot

    Nick Blakesley / Reply
  77. For fight club the gun is a symbolization of killing tyler durdin. When he fires he misses and comes out his cheek/neck area. So this was a way of having an action to show the death of one character, and the new chapter and in a sense new life of the other.

    Nick / Reply
  78. For hangover this goes against the whole movie. If you have ever been far to drunk you would know sometimes stuff is not recalled, it is called blacking out. But adding a mind eraser such as ruffies and you are screwed. The whole movie is an unraveling of the night, that they clearly don’t remember. Besides, I think a movie that goes “Hey where is the groom” other guy “on the roof, remember we drug him out there on his mattress, lets leave him for a bit and have brunch.” I don’t think that one would be very popular.

    Nick / Reply
  79. That was fun to read, but Django and Fight Club were perfect to me, and with the latter you are just essentially wrong – you should change it cause the movie doesn’t ‘insult’ us, it’s now you insulting the creators of filming such a ‘stupidity’, while this was just an underinformed opinion. The protagonist shoots himself through the cheeck! And it’s even stated in the book, later on comes the final chapter which I interpreted as him being in a mental hospital, but describing it as being in heaven – however he cuts in mentioning he’s a liar, he cheated his attempt in front of Tyler. That’s it, it’s all I’d want and more ;))
    And as for Django, I couldn’t care less about that fact, that’s just a small detail – which I wasn’t aware of until reading the article because that’s probably not that well known piece of information. Good to know, but it doesn’t ruin it for me.

    Bartek / Reply
  80. La bala le sale por el costado de la boca, (en el libro incluso hacen alusión a que le deja una sonrisa de oreja a oreja ya que el otro lado de la boca se le había terminado abriendo porque lo habían golpeado terriblemente horas antes en el club de la pelea), entonces la bala no toca ni siquiera su cerebro, se nota en la película porque está filmado con cámara lenta. Prestá atención.

    In Tyler we trust / Reply
  81. If you pay attention to the scene in Fight Club when he shoots himself, you can clearly see the bullet exit from behind his jaw. He’s even holding that spot when he stands up and says a few words.

    The point was the he had finally “let go” and stopped worrying about everything, a moment that freed him from the necessity of Tyler Durden. His eyes were open.

    This should be titled, “Movies I Didn’t Pay Attention To.”

    Kyle Hale / Reply
  82. Comparing the slightly anachronistic use of dynamite in Django to the theoretical use of photon torpedoes in Django is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while. I hardly even know where to go with that. Even little kids would be all “WTF, Quentin?” if Django started firing phasers. While watching Django, I didn’t mentally mark the exact year these characters were operating in, and even if I had done so, I was unaware of the then-futuristic nature of dynamite. How many people can tell you the exact year dynamite was invented? If you were one of them, congratulations, I guess, but that little fudge/mistake in no conceivable way hurts the ending of Django Unchained.

    Slop_j30 / Reply
  83. They explained Independence Day by saying that they’d been studying the alien systems since the 1950s.

    HankRearden75 / Reply
  84. “No matter how drunk or how stupid you are, if you have the presence of mind to drag a mattress up onto the roof of a hotel, then you probably have the presence of mind to remember that you did so.”

    Clearly the author of the article hasn’t had many epic drunken nights in their life.

    Christopher G. / Reply
  85. The Descent: Part 2 The old man was part of the movie he explained it was his great grandparents to moved into the mine to get away from the government.

    Eric / Reply
  86. The review of The Hitcher makes it clear that the author didn’t even watch either movie because a) they didn’t really accurately describe either movie and b) clearly didn’t understand what the original was about. The Hitcher doesn’t go through the movie trying to kill the protagonist, in fact a few times he saves the protagonist. He was transforming him the hero/heroine into the new Hitcher.

    Jackie Jormpjomp / Reply
  87. You clearly do not understand the bigger picture with Fight Club. Your general understanding of film is clearly pretty limited and your inability to follow what these movies were about is less a reflection on the movies than of your limited comprehension skills.

    Jackie Jormpjomp / Reply
  88. In Lost World it didn’t appear that they let him out, more that he busted out.

    Jackie Jormpjomp / Reply
  89. Where’s The Sixth Sense? Surely the most ludicrously illogical end to any movie.

    hywel / Reply
  90. Ive always assumed that raptors came aboard the ship and then killed the crewmembers. Then the t.rex killed the raptors.

    Michael Indo / Reply
  91. Some dumb assertions here.. Firstly, in the hangover, it is clear that a drug, rohipnol, and not the copious quantities of alcohol is (correctly) responsible for the memory loss. Secondly, I concur with comments below about the difference between dissociative disorders and schizoid-spectrum disorders.

    [email protected] / Reply
  92. Independence Day’s ending implausibility doesn’t stop with Jeff Goldblum’s Mac. There’s the whole city-sized spaceships falling on top of hundreds of cities that people setting off fireworks seems to forget is (1) pretty horrible and (2) would likely kick up enough dust to kill of anyone who wasn’t in those cities and dead already.

    NoNotTellingYou / Reply
  93. Whats more is schizophrenia is not dissociative identity disorder and vice versa. Schizophrenics do not have alternate personalities.

    Kevin V. / Reply
  94. How many people know when dynamite was invented? You state they are 10 years off very few people are going to be aware of this, whereas your example of using phasers would be noticed by everyone. You can take any Hollywood movie and find historical inaccuracies. An historical inaccuracy isn’t the same thing as an illogical ending.It’s commonly called ‘artistic license’.

    Adam L / Reply
  95. These are good but I always laugh at Outbreak. Catch a monkey- whip up an antidote in 5 hours (that people can drink BTW) and mass produce it to clean up the infection. You’d have to put that monkey thru a juicer to get enough juice for 2 people, let alone a whole town……….

    Elvis / Reply
  96. The worst problem with fight club is why would someone ask if he “could go next” when Ed Norton was punching himself in a bar parking lot.

    Coolalex42 / Reply
  97. in hide and seek, schizophrenia and split personality are two separate disorders, they are not the same

    anne / Reply
  98. “The Return of The Jedi”. After the rebels blow up the Death Star in “Star Wars” why the F would they be building a new Death Star that can be destroyed the same way? Even in it’s unfinished state the second Death Star’s core should be completely inaccessible to any ship. (Not to mention the reactor shouldn’t be so fragile that it goes nova from like two shots.)

    RY33 / Reply
  99. In terms of illogical, no movie, absolutely none, top “The Core”.

    It can’t be that the writers were ignorant of basic physics and earth’s geology, they had to know both to get their end result so spectacularly wrong.

    If anyone can think of a term that describes such a reality, please do share.

    KingCranky / Reply
  100. From Wikipedia: He fires it into his mouth, shooting through the cheek without killing himself. Tyler collapses with an exit wound to the back of his head, and the narrator stops mentally projecting him.

    Jack / Reply
  101. I am female and I loved fight club the move in the book and no it had nothing to do with the cast

    ericah2007 / Reply
  102. “Well maybe just the guys love fight club.” Really, you wanna go there? I am not a guy but I do love fight club. My best friend is a guy. He does not love Fight Club. Pretty much all my girlfriends except one like Fight Club.

    Serena / Reply
  103. He breaks his thumb to remove his handcuffs in THE HITCHER (which is a Rogue release, not Focus). It’s not magic, it’s something that they show in complete detail. If you can’t pay attention to an 80 minute movie maybe you shouldn’t write about movies, I dunno.

    Brian Collins / Reply
  104. Prometheus! They go to the planet from the cave drawings, made thousands of years apart, scattered all over earth, that showed where they came from. But they end up going to the planet where the aliens where staging their attack on earth from, not their home planet. At the end of the movie the lone survivor leaves the place (found from all the maps) and goes off to find their actual home planet.

    Drumbum / Reply
  105. I really don’t think the person who made this list really watched the movies. The first few were good points but the last no. I know most everyone commenting pointed out the majority.

    Tabby Bane / Reply
  106. To think that a movie like Fight Club, with so much going for it, just made a mistake like he shot himself in the head but didn’t die, is ridiculous. They obviously put a lot of thought into the movie, and before it was a movie, it was a book…whatever, it’s clear in the movie that he doesn’t shoot himself through the brain, but puts a hole in his cheek. So speaking of laziness….I’m wondering why the author didn’t actually double check what he’s complaining about. And I didn’t like the Happening…but it’s a movie about killer plants. So it doesn’t make sense with what we know about plants? There ARE plants who are carnivorous. So I’d just call it suspension of belief.
    In the Hangover they were roofied. Not just drunk or high. And even if they were just really drunk, it is 100% possible to do something like drag a mattress up to a rooftop and not remember. Saying “if you had the presence of mind to do it then you would remember it” is just not true, and it just tells me the author of this article clearly does not know what he’s talking about. Go talk to a longtime alcoholic and ask them if it’s possible to get so smashed you do a bunch of stuff and have no recollection whatsoever the next day.
    I know this has been said by other people, but again ,the author has no idea what they’re talking about, schizophrenia is not the same as disassociative identity disorder (previously called multiple personality disorder,)
    Some of these are just complaining about the open endings. Not every movie has to have a clear cut ending, sometimes the writers leave it open ended because they want you to figure it out, or make up your own ending. Sometimes I think that is better than a clear cut ending. What about Inception? Why no complaints about whether or not the spinning top fell at the end? That ending kept people talking about it for months, and it made the movie even better than it was.

    Ocrisia / Reply
  107. Worst movie of Quintana’s career. He has gotten way way to childish. Bad bad bad.

    Solomon / Reply
  108. I’m not sure whoever made this list, actually watched all these movies with both eyes and sober.. Fight Club, Hangover, The Hitcher.. all the things that “don’t make sense” are clearly explained.. Sean Bean, aka The Hitcher, wants to die but can’t commit suicide because he wants to destroy innocence. He says that in the film, wants to prove to her that she can be a monster just like him. BF Death Scene explains that. Then the whole magic act? Sure, if dislocating/breaking your thumb to get out of your cuffs is magic.. What a Ninny.

    Michael Ryan / Reply
  109. In regards to hangover, you clearly have never partied. Xanax and loads of beer will have you waking up with no clue of a single thing you did the night before or how you are even where you woke up at. The Happening, that can’t even be considered a film.

    Kylo Ren / Reply
  110. It’s also important to note that both “Independence Day” and “The Lost World” attempted to address their “movie sins” with deleted scenes and planned sequences that were ultimately cut or never shot. ID4 featured a scene where Goldblum’s character gets in the ship and figures out how to connect to their system to operate the vehicle or something like that. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that deleted scene, to tell you the truth, but it at least attempts to address the otherwise awful incongruency. As for Lost World, there was supposed to be a sequence regarding velociraptors on the boat, but they were ultimately forgotten to keep the focus on the T-Rex. It’s not always the writer’s fault. Sometimes the fault lies with a producer or director who doesn’t have enough respect for his own script to realize why scenes need to be left in.
    Also, it seems inappropriate to include endings that were supposed to be answered in sequels or actually were answered in sequels. By that rule, shouldn’t Fellowship of the Ring be included? Episodic movie-making isn’t easy, but people still try to do it.

    Adam Wynn / Reply
  111. Whoever wrote this list must have fell asleep during Fight Club. Norton didn’t shoot himself in the brain..lol. The gun in his mouth shot through his cheek.

    Blackjack69 / Reply
  112. What an incredibly stupid write-up of Fight Club. Absolutely incredible. Did you watch the movie at all? Norton shot himself through THE CHEEK. It is the alter-ego imaginary Pitt that gets shot through the head. How on earth are you even allowed to publish things so clearly inaccurate? It is pitiful that you aren’t bright enough to understand the film.

    Mike / Reply
  113. Wasn’t the picture of the man’s genitals at the end of Fight Club illogical?

    fred / Reply
  114. ok my one big issue: you are trying to point out that endings are illogical. fine. but for hid and seek you refer to split personalities and schizophrenia as the same illness. they are completely different. Being schizophrenic does not give someone a split personality. Multiple personality disorder is the disorder in which an individual has split personalities

    Amanda Lary / Reply
  115. The only movie i think should be on the list is High Tension. I love the movie a lot but so much about it doesn’t make any sense.

    Rydia Starre / Reply
  116. independence day – the average viewer just isn’t going to be thinking about that sh!t…. the hangover – please, you’ve never heard of alcoholic blackouts? common as dirt…

    fifiwereking / Reply
  117. Race with devil-Peter Fonda and Warren Oaks kill 3 states full of hillbilly devilworshippers and then everything is over,they show up a burning flamming cross symbol about their trailer.Who cares?If that much shooting,nobody is now going to cover up anything.

    Joseph Gilbert Thompson / Reply
  118. The writer complained about dynamite not being invented yet in Django, yet doesn’t know what schizophrenia is. Good job.

    Hyde / Reply
  119. As for #10,either the movie misrepresented it or you didn’t do your research. Schizophrenia should not be confused with multiple personality disorder. This just screams ignorance all over the place.

    get it right / Reply
  120. This explanation from IMDb makes the insertion of a single frame penis picture less illogical. I think most viewers, including Holly, didn’t see it except subconsciously.

    Please don’t censor me again, Holly.

    This is from IMDb’s FAQ

    After the gunshot, The Narrator has clearly become a different person, evidenced primarily by the fact that he stops denying his feelings for Marla. Additionally, the flash of the penis just before the credits would seem to support the idea that Tyler is still alive ‘somewhere’, hence the merging theory.

    fred / Reply
  121. The issue in Lost World is because it suffers from a cut scene–raptors also made it onto the boat and are what killed the people on it. This is what’s in the book.

    Martianman68 / Reply
  122. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! You nailed exactly why I HATED this movie, and still do! It was at least OK and fun, until they THOUGHT(?) they could go “there”. Super stupid… right up there with STAR WAS: Episode I (The Phantom Premise).

    Hollywood MoveMes / Reply
  123. In the hangover , they steal a cop car and don’t remember . So they could have dragged a mattress up to the roof and not remember . I would think.

    stevemd007 / Reply
  124. Also in Django Unchained the klu klux Klan shows up. There was no Klu Klux Klan before the end of slavery. Why would there be, Africans were already slaves? How much more could you oppress them? The Klu Klux Klan was founded in 1868. I stopped watching at that point.

    jdevo / Reply
    • It wasn’t necessarily the KKK, but just vigilante night raiders. The fact they weren’t used to wearing hoods show that.
      found Django amusing primarily for its inconsistencies – I believe I saw a repeating rifle being used during the movie at one point also. The most “sloppy” part of the ending to me was where was an armed black man and woman going to go riding off into the sunset in Mississippi in 1858? Now that adventure would make quite a story.

      Griz52 / (in reply to jdevo) Reply
  125. In IndependenceDay the aliens were using satelites to bounce their countdown signal aroundthe world. If they were able to use our satelites and Jeff Goldblum was able to figure that out why couldn’t there have been some similarity in the computers? I know it is a stretch but it is something.

    Duffy / Reply
  126. Dan is right. Norton’s shot is symbolic. He shoots himself through the side of his mouth.

    zkat / Reply
  127. a goof (like the Lost World one) hardly ruins the entire Jurassic Park franchise! This article is not very good.

    Farts McGee / Reply
  128. World War Z we need to save mankind I know lets give everyone a deadly disease. SMH

    Big F'N Show / Reply
  129. If you ever watch DVD bonus features you’d see something called deleted scenes. In Independence Day, you’ll see such a deleted scene where it explains how Goldblum’s character was able to uplink his Apple laptop to the mother ship’s system.

    Diane Win / Reply
  130. Jesus…the happening is still a running joke in my family…anytime the wind blows through the trees…we all start laughing at how horrible this movie was.

    Deus Ex Machina / Reply
  131. the man at the end of The Descent 2 HAD been in the film, at the beginning. I think the creatures were distsant relatives of his who’d got lost down there years b4. He feeds them, which is why he knocks the police officer out and leaves her for them. He can’t risk her reporting them

    Lynn Braben / Reply
  132. why didn’t the ending to titantic qualify? that is supposed to be an account of the sinking of the titantic, but spliced into the actual events was this putrid love story that stretched beyond the ages–and as a ridiculous gesture to lost love, a million dollar necklace is thrown overboard…

    carl e cook / Reply
  133. Also……..Loved Sunset Boulevard. Still do. Can’t imagine why Billy Wilder would make a Film Noir about the dark, unflinching and ugly side to Hollywood–and at the end, reveal that the anti-hero, as played by William Holden– is the DEAD narrator!

    carl e cook / Reply
  134. what about titantic? who would throw overboard a million dollar necklace— all for the brief memory of lost love —some 80 years ago?

    carl e cook / Reply
  135. I can’t think of one part of Fight Club that made any sense whatsoever. Hated it, and I AM a straight male.

    batsdude / Reply
  136. “No matter how drunk or how stupid you are, if you have the presence of
    mind to drag a mattress up onto the roof of a hotel, then you probably
    have the presence of mind to remember that you did so.”

    Wrong. Don’t write about heavy drinking if you haven’t done it.

    boozehound / Reply
  137. The Hitcher was easy…. Sean Bean broke his thumb to take the handcuffs off. It’s amazing what happens if you watch the movie you are about to criticize.

    Palasdin / Reply
  138. _“The Lost World” is a movie about dinosaurs. It takes place four years after its sequel “Jurassic Park”._

    Jurassic Park was the original film. That means it is the predecessor to The Lost World. The Lost World is the sequel.

    TheMacJew / Reply
  139. That’s right. I like my fiction believable. Good call on Django.
    Only B.S. the parts that can’t be proven yet. (unless you’re in a alternate universe)

    Kwwr in London ont / Reply
  140. The character who shot himself at the end of Fight Club was a hallucination, and the suicide signified giving the body back to his other personality. What exactly happened and whether it was all a dream is not well defined, but badly defined endings are not errors in logic.

    Likewise, there would be no logical error if Django found a phaser that could make the house disappear, phasers seem not to be governed by an particular rules. The story could have used a more primitive explosive (say nitro cellulose), and it would have changed very little. The story had introduced the idea that dynamite existed in this universe earlier, and logically stuck to the premise.

    I have no idea about the other movies you mentioned. Most of them failed to keep my interest long enough so I would remember the ending.

    Yeaton / Reply
  141. ok in Quentin Tarrantino’s movies they are a alternate reality so things like, “dynamite not being invented” can be a little flexible and btw inglurious Basterds hitler was riddled by bullets and blown up so his movies have moments that go out of reality its called hyper reality

    Torey mang / Reply
  142. Ummm, regarding Hide and Seek, schizophrenia is NOT the same as Dissociative Identity Disorder. The term “split personality” does not mean someone has multiple personalities but that this individual’s personality has split from reality. So this ending is not illogical, the whole stupid movie is.

    Rachel Booker / Reply
  143. About the Hangover, Roofies could actually make you forget, and wipe your memory and shit. I mean, if you could remember that you brought out a mattress with your friend on it outside the rooftop, wouldn’t you remember how you get to put a Siberian tiger (okay, it might not be Siberian) owned by Mike Tyson, from his mansion to your car, then in your expensive hotel suite’s bathroom. Drugs are nasty shit, and they have nasty effects.

    Drug Dealer / Reply
  144. Halloween 6 was not already planned when they made Halloween 5. The mysterious man in black was an invention of the fifth film’s director. Dan Farrands, who wrote Halloween 6, was a fan of the series and wanted to stay true to the arc that had already been placed. Do your research before you write an article.

    Jason / Reply
  145. Obviously you’ve never been drunk and/or drugged enough to give an objective review of The Hangover. Believe me, forgetting something that big HAPPENS.

    Karen / Reply
  146. A few points about “Independence day”:

    1) New viruses slip through antivirus programs all the time. The alien anti-virus program (if they even had one – computer viruses may not be a problem in their society) would not have recognized the Earth virus as a threat. And the mother ship was vaporized before the alien computer techs would have figured out what was wrong with the system. Remember their where two viruses loaded onto the aliens computers.

    2) The humans had the captured alien craft for over 50 years. They probably learned a few things about it in that time – such as how to communicate with its computers. That would have been their first priority.

    Jeff Coil / Reply
    • And if memory serves, there was supposedly a deleted scene which explained away this commonly-mentioned “plot hole.”

      Jarek Draven / (in reply to Jeff Coil) Reply
    • Not to mention that a lot of human advances was secretly derived from what they learned from the ship, one thing like that could be computer technology for all we know which would make our systems based on theirs.

      Nizzemancer / (in reply to Jeff Coil) Reply
  147. What I don’t understand about The Lost World is what killed the crew of the cargo ship in the first place? Even with the T-rex loose, it would not have been able to leave the cargo hold simply because it was too big. It certainly could not have reached the interior parts of the ship, where the crew could easily have hid and still continued to operate the ship. The baby T was not on board, so the only thing that could have killed the crew was Raptors. But there was no mention of raptors on the ship or loose in the city.

    Jeff Coil / Reply
    • This bothered me like crazy in the theater, I just wanted to scream at how shoddy it was.

      Nizzemancer / (in reply to Jeff Coil) Reply
  148. For “The Lost World” nothing could impugn “the book on which everything is based” any more than the horrible book itself! Crichton must’ve written it with his eyes closed in about 10 minutes and fortunately Spielberg had David Koepp strip away 90% of the book and write a fresh screenplay, leaving basically the trailer off the cliff scene and… well that was about it I think! Thank goodness.

    InvisibleZombie / Reply
  149. In regards to Fight Club, Jack (Ed Norton) actually shoots himself through the cheek, not through the brain.

    Dan Trout / Reply
  150. In “The Hitcher”, he didn’t “magically” remove his handcuffs, he broke his thumb, then proceeded to slide the cuffs off, tearing off most of the skin on the top of his hand.

    Felix Mitchell / Reply
  151. How about Prometheus which begins with an alien seeding the Earth with his DNA by committing suicide in a primordial waterfall, so they were our creators. Then, when humanity makes contact with the them after millions of years, they attempt to annihilate us. Why go to the trouble of creating humanity only to attempt to wipe us out of existence the next time we meet?

    Sean Watson / Reply
  152. Really shoddy work, here. It is painfully obvious where the character actually shoots himself in Fight Club. Just sad.

    Corey / Reply
  153. #5 Django: Some fans have speculated that all of the films of Quentin Tarantino actually take place in an alternate universe / timeline. The gist is that Tarantino often uses related characters in films, so you can tell that at least all of these films take place in the same universe. For example, The “Bear Jew” in Inglorious Basterds being the grandfather of the movie producer (character) from True Romance.

    HOWEVER, those of us who remember how Inglorious Basterds ended (SPOILER ALERT) will remember that a plot to kill Adolph Hitler was successful. Obviously, this places the film in an alternate reality where Hitler was killed earlier, and in a much different manner. (Unless you want to ASSUME that the public was simply lied to about the manner of his death… but IMO that may be a stretch, and certainly supposes facts not shown in any of the films.)

    If we assume that Inglorious Basterds was taking place in a reality alternate to ours, where history ran a little bit differently, it’s not that far of a jump to conclude that ALL of his stories take place in this alternate reality, because of how easily it can be demonstrated that all of the stories are existing in the same world (by way of character relation, and even a couple minor plot-ties.)

    As such, maybe in this alternate history, dynamite was invented earlier. :p

    One more thing: “If you are going to take the ‘it’s just a fantasy route,’ then you ought
    to have no problem with phasers and photon torpedoes in the movie

    What a ridiculous presumption! As this article points out, we are talking about not even a 10 year difference between when dynamite was actually invented, and when it shows up in this film. 9 years. Talking about “phasers and photon torpedoes” you are talking about fantasy weapons which at this point do not even exist. So you’re really saying that just because a film is a few years off in a historically accurate representation of technology, that they might as well incorporate space ships and anti-gravity technology into a western? Yeah, excellent hyperbole. If you were going for “ridiculous” you hit the mark. If you were trying to make a reasonable point, you failed miserably.

    Jarek Draven / Reply
    • I agree. BTW, I remember reading somewhere that Tarantino created two universes for his characters … one that’s more realistic and one that’s not. So movies like True Romance take place in the former while From Dusk Til Dawn takes place in the latter. Not sure if this holds true anymore, though.

      Zeroed Out / (in reply to Jarek Draven) Reply
  154. Again another article poorly wirtten, the point of Happening is losing the esence of survival, but the movie is soooo bad, is posible to not get it. Again, Losing survival doesnt make you shot yourself, that that is a few minutes in the movie, after that nothing makes sense cause the rules stated dont follow the action shown.

    turmoil23 / Reply
  155. Hangover, you dont have the presence of mind that you stole a tiger or married or pulled a tooth why would you remember that you took a matress to the roof????

    turmoil23 / Reply
    • Yeah you might have the precense of mind to remember it for the time being but then you keep on partying and suddenly you get too wasted you forget the whole fricking night.

      Nizzemancer / (in reply to turmoil23) Reply
  156. Well, that was a waste of time… far more than The Happening, really. What one thing should I mention? Erm… Okay, how about that the author spent several paragraphs taking about schizophrenia apparently without ever looking up what schizophrenia actually *is*?

    Andy Teal / Reply
  157. I’ve never seen Fight Club, but there actually was a case of a man who shot himself in the head and didn’t even notice. Apparently the man was very depressed and tried to kill himself but instead he managed to cure his depression. He shot himself in the head and walked out of the bathroom like nothing happened.

    Kepper123456789 / Reply
  158. In fight club, he clearly puts the gun in his mouth and fires the bullet out of the side of his cheek, thus the need for gauze. It was symbolic to him of shooting his alter ego in the head, thus killing it. but the wound would not have been fatal to any living person, just the personality he wanted to kill.

    Dugan Mack / Reply
  159. I can actually buy the virus concept in ID4. The Goldblum character was able to build the virus based on what he had learned from the Alien hacking of the satellite network and the research at Area 51. And the Aliens considered themselves so superior that they disregarded most of the human tech. I just wondered what powered the craft they used to enter the mothership after it was destroyed.

    Grmells / Reply
    • You could argue that it had an internal power source that was locked when the pilots crashed then unlocked when the motherships arrived.

      Nizzemancer / (in reply to Grmells) Reply
  160. has the writer even seen this movie? makes me question the others that i havne’t seen

    Mike Clark / Reply
  161. You left out “The Planet of The Apes” with Mark Wahlburg remake of the of the original movie starring Charlton Heston. The ending of the original POTA came as a complete surprise to the audiences and fit in perfectly with the events in the movie. The remake had a “surprise” ending that ignored any semblance of continuity with the rest of the movie. I love SciFi movies, but this ending went completely outside the realm of the universe in which the movie was set.

    Gwenda Adkins / Reply
    • Actually, the Wahlberg ending was more in keeping with the ending of the book on which the story is based. Neither version, however, really does the book true justice.

      Griz52 / (in reply to Gwenda Adkins) Reply
  162. The Django one is just plain stupid. The use of dynamite isn’t even in the same realm as futuristic weaponry like phasers and photon torpedoes (which don’t exist even now). It’s not like Django showed up with a bazooka and Harrier jet. In case the writer hasn’t noticed, most of Tarantino’s movies take place in an altered reality. Hitler wasn’t killed by a ragtag group of men, for example. And heck, sticking with Django, the term “mandingo” wasn’t used back then either.

    Zeroed Out / Reply
  163. I wonder if the writer ever blacked out before. It totally sounds like BS to think you can black out, do a bunch of crazy stuff and then not remember any of it…UNTIL you actually black out, do a whole bunch of crazy stuff and not remember what you did.

    Erik Lamar Williams I / Reply
  164. I am female. Fight club is my favourite film. I have a special steelbook edition of it that is my pride and joy. I resent the comment about only “guys” liking that film..

    Georgia / Reply
  165. In fight club Ed Norton doesn’t shoot himself in the brain he shoots
    himself in the mouth from the side in one side out the other, at most he
    might have hit his tongue, sure it’s probably painful as hell and would be highly unrealistic but the
    point of it was that the character had to convince his brain that his alter ego was dead…or
    something, it was psychological lobotomy.

    Nizzemancer / Reply
  166. how about Back to the Future? why exactly would the McFly’s use Biffs car detailing business after he tried to rape Lorraine McFly on prom night? and if Marty and his GF travel 30 years into the future to ‘do something about their kids’, how are they going to even be around to have kids, since they will not exist for another 30 years?

    ericlynch990 / Reply
  167. Also, because of you being pedantic and whiny about the dynamite thing in Django I’d like to point out that it would be impossible for the DNA to have been extracted to create the dinosaurs in the first place because there isn’t any DNA in Red Blood Cells, thinking that’s much more of a big deal than your illogical points.

    Jamie Thomas Mee / Reply
  168. I’ll give The Happening this: it uses a premise that mankind was completely unaware of until recently. Recent studies have found, for instance, if a plant is being defiled by a particular insect then the plant releases “hormones” that tend to attract the destructive insects natural predator in defense of itself. For thousands of years the idea of this was inconceivable.

    As such, it’s a defense mechanism “that no one was aware of and that (no one had any idea that) they had never used before.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that it started happening out of nowhere.

    Chance_X74 / Reply
  169. So you think the guys in The Hangover are perfectly fine when they forget the entire happenings of one night. Breaking and entering, stealing a tiger, getting married to a stripper, etc.
    And the one thing that happened that night they definately should remember is dragging a matress onto a roof?
    I don’t think so.

    kasten / Reply
  170. First, I’m a woman and Fight Club is one of my favorite movies (as Chuck Palahniuk is my favorite modern novelist) so you and your sexist assumptions can eat it.
    Secondly, you should go back and rewatch several of these movies because I think you’d just missed some things.

    Gretta / Reply
  171. Wait a second – THE HITCHER that I remember was the film from the 80s w/Rutger Hauer and C.Thomas Howell, wherein, C. Thomas (let’s just call him “Tommy”) gets this supercool gig driving someone else’s car cross country – from, like, the east coast to the west (NY to CA? Mass. to Oregon?) -what an awesome job that would be! Driving someone else’s car (especially if it’s a really bitchin’ car!) 3500+ miles w/cash for expenses, etc.! Anyway, in this film, Tommy’s driving this car across the US to the West coast, when, at some point along the way, he picks up this tall, blond-haired dude w/steely blue eyes (Rutger Hauer) and at 1st things seem ok, but not 4 long…things start getting strange pretty soon. It doesn’t take “Tommy” too long to realize that he shoulda just kept driving & not picked up this guy. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the flick, so I can’t recall any specific details, just lots of ominous situations and guns, knives, gore, killing and so on, Somehow, of course, our “hero” – Tommy – gets through the movie alive and – like I said, it’s been so long, I can’t remember how things end or the creepy things that happen throughout, but one can only imagine. But I do remember it was called THE HITCHER (I think there was even a sequel: HITCHER 2 (?)) – So, why did someone else decide to do a different film with the same title?? Whoever made the film you’re writing about could’ve at least been original enough to come up w/a title that wasn’t already used!!

    kmanthie / Reply
  172. As for the thing about Django blowing up the plantation with dynamite at the end up DJANGO UNCHAINED vs. the fact that dynamite wasn’t invented until 1867 and the film takes place in 1858 – well, I can see your point about being illogical due to the fact that in real life there wouldn’t have been any dynamite w/which to blow anything up in 1858 – think of it this way: how many people who saw the film do you think even knew that little fact-that dynamite wouldn’t have been around for another decade? I’ll bet that 99% of the people who saw this film, watched that plantation get blown to bits-WITH DYNAMITE! and not even think there was anything “illogical” about that!

    kmanthie / Reply
  173. Um The Happening is science fiction. Tress don’t kill people, no they don’t. But Godzilla doesn’t live in the ocean and it doesn’t make sense that she would shoot radiation from her throat either. Also the fact that you think Hide and Seek was anywhere near okay as film discredits you in my book.

    Kelby Ann Freshwater / Reply
    • Yes, but all fiction requires the audience to suspend disbelief. The Happening pushes that suspension of disbelief too far – the movie would have worked fine if the cause had been man-made. But in order for these plants to conspire to destroy humanity, they would have to first understand the so-called “science” behind global warming (or watch MSNBC), among other impossibilities. Godzilla is more science fantasy than science fiction, so the suspension of disbelief can be pushed a little further. But if they had Godzilla killed by some kid with a .22 sniper rifle that just happened to hit the “right place”, the movie would be laughed off the screen.

      Jeff Coil / (in reply to Kelby Ann Freshwater) Reply
  174. These are some really odd choices to focus on. You choose Lost World over Jurassic Park? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy JP more than LW but it’s more illogical that a T-Rex could sneak up inside a giant building and kill the 2 velociraptors and thus saving our heroes yet no one heard him walk up when earlier in the film the T-Rex couldn’t take a step without earthquake – like results. So to me, that seems more illogical than how they fit a T-Rex in a shipping comtainer.

    As far as Fight Club goes, I love the film but I would more question why a group of guys would want to join a club led by a guy they saw in the parking lot punching himself. In the final scene, it seems obvious to me that he shoots the bullet through his cheek when they show the slow – motion closeup, which is more likely to be survivable.

    kyle andrew / Reply
  175. In fight club he shot himself in the back of his cheek. Insane people with multiple personalities are known to be able to get rid of an unwanted personality by having a near death experience in which extreme injury is inflicted on them and they were unsure if they would survive. This causes trauma “kills” the other personality as long as you believe it to be dead.

    Zachary Forbes / Reply
  176. Independence Day – why even bother bringing up the virus in the first place? They blew up the entire ship with a missile. If I want to destroy a computer, Im not going to load a virus up on it first only to disable it with an EMP blast and have it immediately incinerate from the follow up nuclear explosion.

    dilly dally / Reply
    • The virus was transmitted to the attack ships do disable the force fields. The mother ship was then destroyed to prevent it from countering the virus.

      Jeff Coil / (in reply to dilly dally) Reply
  177. the descent 1 & 2 are incredible films – genuinely scary – but – they are part of a series, so we can’t really determine if it’s over or not. but the 2nd film does kind of leave you messed up but in a kickass way. the creatures weren’t just hunting – but being fed humans by this one deranged guy – so awesome since you are wanting closure & then just left like that. Bottom line, as an outdoorsy girl, I was really impressed…but as a person who is always thinking this type of crap could happen, i was horrified. It was a fun set of films

    Phoenyx Wolff / Reply
  178. As to the lost world. The T-Rex was supposed to be well drugged and unconscious for the ride, except the hunter and in-gen clearly didn’t know how much tranq to use to knock it out. The rex probably just broke out of the cage after waking up from a doozy of a hangover.

    Jenny / Reply
  179. I’m going to defend The Happening insofar as it seems like “it’s the plants” was just a guess and the authorities leapt on it as a convenient cover story.

    Anthony Purcell / Reply
  180. No, none of the guys from the Hangover would have remembered anything… because they had been roofied… as what was said multiple times in the movie.

    Allan Hall / Reply
    • I believe the point the author was trying to make was that you can’t be both lucid at the time AND forget absolutely everything later…certainly not with roofies, which render you virtually paralyzed.

      Skaught / (in reply to Allan Hall) Reply
  181. Apparently the writers of this article never watched “Premonition”
    I was so pissed off by the sheer retardation present in the ending of that movie that it was the first time I considered seriously demanding a refund. All the way up until the end the movie was great, but dear god it was the most absurd crap I’ve ever seen cross the silver screen.

    General_Anubis / Reply
  182. The character in Fight Club suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) not Schizophrenia. DID, formally know as Multiple Personality Disorder, are two separate and distinct disorders.

    ManOfSteelish / Reply
  183. Independence day. The programmer wrote the virus on the computer of the alien space shuttle. You dont need to know the computer language, u just need to convert your assembly instructions to theirs. Every computer has a compiler for that.

    The reason we have computer virus and aliens dont is that we mostly have democraric kind of system. One rises another opposes. The aliens had unified system they worked towards the same goal hence no one had the idea of revolt hence no idea of virius affecting the systems.

    ashirbad / Reply
  184. Gotta stop you on The Hitcher because of the massive misinformation there:

    #1 Bean’s character did not magically remove his cuffs, he forcibly dislocated his thumb and managed to rip the cuff off his hand (with much skin removal in the process).

    #2 The 1 lone officer in the back made 3 mistakes (1 he was alone with the prisoner, 2 he took is eyes off the prisoner and 3 he was woefully unprepared to handle the obviously well trained (hints to military experience throughout) and supremely violent psychopath in his custody.

    #3 Bean’s character had used his last round to kill the sheriff in the opposing vehicle (the gun’s slide was in the spent position) and the girl’s character shot him in the chest (his bullet-proof vested chest) knocking him down and in doing so he lost the weapon anyway.

    #4 Bean allowed her to execute him because he was attempting to do what a villain does best and “pass along the madness” (an event well documented by psychologists) by giving her the chance to kill him (something it was hinted at earlier in the film that he wanted all along).

    In essence, Bean’s character is psychologically dead. He is merely a force of nature. He’s like a massive, aged, Great White Shark roaming around, annihilating everything in it’s path, just waiting for something to come along and kill it.

    The psychological undertones (arrogance in the face of nature, the unquantifiable limits of human endurance and depravity, the loss of self and identity, the struggle to avoid loss of humanity in the battle against the inhuman) of this film (despite it’s poor performance at the box office) are incredibly powerful and makes it one of my favorites.

    Jarod Warren / Reply
  185. I guess someone wasn’t paying enough attention when watching Independence Day since that was explained by the aliens doing most of the work by hiding their signal to attack in the cable satellite signal, so when David found it and decoded it, it gave him the key to a compatible language, that was how he was able to write the virus because the aliens had already given him a sample to work from. Real programmers, especially those that went to MIT, don’t need Mac or PC compilers because they can write directly in binary even before 1996

    Argon / Reply
  186. Schizophrenia. And multiple personality disorder while sometimes manifesting in the same person are two separate things.

    alex / Reply
  187. Fight Club: “the viewer is left asking why he or she didn’t see it all coming.” — Actually that would be because the movie cheated by showing the viewer things that weren’t true. Compare it to a movie like The Sixth Sense, in which everything we see is true but out minds fill in the blanks to make us think we are seeing more than we actually are. (For example, in FC, where is Ed Norton sitting in the car? Because we see him in both seats. But in TSS we think we remember seeing Bruce Willis pull out the chair in the restaurant when we actually never saw it.)

    Skaught / Reply
  188. I always interpreted ‘The Hitcher’ (remake) as John Ryder wanted to die, and he was looking for someone worthy enough to do it. He was pushing her the whole time, to the point where she could finally pull the trigger. Just watch the scene between them in the cab of the truck, when he’s goading her on to do it.

    The original movie had that element as well, as it was a coming of age story of the old lion and the young lion. The original also had a bit of a homosexual undercurrent to it. It almost plays like a young man running from his sexuality, only to finally have the courage to confront it. At first he’s curious about Rutger Hauer’s character, then gets scared when things get too intense, only to run from him, and try to hide and start a relationship with a girl. At one point he even tries to kill himself, but Rutger is always there, and he can’t escape, he has to finally confront him. When C.Thomas Howell’s character shoots Rutger Hauer’s in the end, it’s almost a pent up sexual release/empowerment moment for that character. He’s lost all his fear and inhibitions.

    Astro Zombie / Reply
  189. As Dan says, in Fight Club he THINKS he has the gun pointed at Tyler. In reality he has the gun pointed at his own head, but off kilter, so all he does is shoot a hole in his cheek.

    This was pretty clear if you were really looking.

    cyberqat / Reply
  190. As for independence day, you ONLY thought the computer was ludicrous??

    How about the fact that he flies a shuttle that works on broadcast power up to the ship broadcasting the power, blows that ship up, and then flies it home?

    There are easily a hundred things wrong with this Michael Bay disaster of a disaster movie. I suggest you google “Things I learned from ID4” and you will find long lists of them,.

    cyberqat / Reply
    • And it’s a shame that jets have to be right in front of a target before they can fire their missiles(I read that one somewhere else).

      crashtx1 / (in reply to cyberqat) Reply
  191. I did not see Hide and Seek; however, the author above uses the terms ‘schizophrenia” and ‘multiple personalities’ as if they are the same disorder. Nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps that is part of why the movie doesn’t quite work. Schizophrenia has some symptoms where the person has auditory hallucinations (hearing voices) and they often talk too, sometimes visual hallucinations, and paranoia and delusions (false beliefs). There are many more symptoms but there are no separate personalities, just the hallucinations which they may speak to. Multiple personality disorder (now also called Dissociative Identity Disorder) is what the writer above speaks of where there are two or more personalities exhibited in one person. It’s a common mistake.

    Lori / Reply
  192. Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) are 2 entirely different illnesses. Thinking those with schizophrenia have multiple personalities is a remnant of Freud, who called psychosis “split personality.” What he meant by that was that the person was split from reality, not that the person split into multiple personalities. The genes for schizophrenia are present from birth, whereas DID is caused by one or more traumatic events that result in a person dissociating from reality in the moment. In order to preserve the psyche,another personality or personality fragment is created to manage the trauma.

    Rachel Booker / Reply
  193. Um, In the Hangover, Allen drugged them, so yeah, no way that dude on the roof remembered anything.

    TKJ / Reply
  194. #4 really? Just because you cant figure out an ending before it happens doesn’t make it a bad ending.

    eric / Reply
  195. In independence day i would say that the aliens created a virus to use all of ways satellites against them. That means that they already created a sirt if translation, or compatibility layer for the hacker to go off of. Also he had direct access when he docked the ship.

    Thedrwes Pew Pewiberish / Reply
  196. The answer to the programming problem in Independence Day is simple. He probably used machine language.

    Daniel from TN / Reply

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