10 Highest Paid Superhero Actors of All Time

January 27, 2014

1. Ryan Reynolds


The actor who played the Green Lantern made some pretty serious green in the role, cashing a $9 million check. That’ll keep the lights on for awhile.

2. George Clooney

George-Clooney_mini (1)

Looking ever so good in black, Clooney was paid $10 million for his role as the Caped Crusader in 1997’s Batman and Robin.

Clooney doesn’t rely on superhero work alone to put food on the table though, as he’s amassed a net worth $160 million.

3. Ben Affleck

Ben-Affleck_mini (1)

In spite of less than a warm reception for the actor’s portrayal of Daredevil, the film still did well at the box office. This ultimately led to a significant payday for the star at $12.5 million.

4. Halle Berry


The native Clevelander’s role as Catwoman wasn’t highly thought of but it was highly paid. What was her take for being able to fit so nicely into that rubber suit? $14 million. Meow.

5. Tobey Maguire


Portraying Spiderman has been very lucrative for the star, not only netting $17.5 million for Spiderman II but also netting another $15 mil for Spiderman III. This on top of the $4 million he was paid for the original.

6. Hugh Jackman


Hugh’s portrayal as Wolverine in “X-Men: Origins” paid the actor a cool $20 million. This guy has done pretty well in the superhero business which has contributed greatly to his net worth of some $65 million.

7. Christian Bale


Bale was reportedly paid $10 million for his role as Bruce Wayne (Batman) in “The Dark Knight”.

Since he also got a portion of every dollar the film grossed, imagine how happy he was when the film grossed over $1 Billion. Bale’s take? It is said to be about $30 million for the flick. He has a net worth today of $60 million.

8. Robert Downey Jr.


Downey was smart, clairvoyant or lucky enough to get a percentage of 2012’s “Avengers” total gross revenues. When those revenues reached over $1.5 BILLION, Downey’s take for portraying Tony Stark/Iron Man in the movie went to over $50 million.

9. Marlon Brando


His two weeks of work on the film “Superman: The Movie” in the role of Jor-El is the stuff of legends. He was paid a cool 3.7 million, but he ended up taking home $16 million because he took a percentage of the take.

That was in 1978 dollars, so adjusted for inflation would amount to over $55 million.

10. Jack Nicholson


One of the pioneers of superhero roles, Jack played the Joker in 1989’s Batman. He was even able to get top billing over Michael Keaton in the film.

Merchandising was the key to his large payday, which reached in excess of over $60 million…in 1989 money. Today that would translate to over $100 million. No joke.