10 Celebs Who Never Graduated High School


High school is pretty much tough for everybody, and celebs are no exception. Therefore, just like us mere mortals, celebs drop out of high school too (for many different reasons). Some do it in order to have more time chasing their Hollywood dreams, while others just don’t find secondary education helpful.

1. Mark Wahlberg

One of the biggest acting stars in the world, Mark Wahlberg, waited until last year to get his high school diploma.

The star of Ted and Ted 2 movies has always been vocal about his unfinished path of education, and back in 2013 he finally decided that enough was enough.

The Hollywood A-lister took classes and studied during every free moment he could get, in order to get his diploma. And he finally did!

Although he says that he didn’t “need” the diploma, Wahlberg admitted that he wanted to become an official high school graduate. The famed actor hopes he will motivate others to do the same.