Kanye Claims Bill Cosby Is Innocent

February 10, 2016


Music mogul/rapper Kanye West has always been the one to make bold statements, regardless if he actually has an explanation for them or not.

And guess what – he did it again. This time, West addressed the latest development in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case.

You would think a big mind like Yeezy will elaborate on something, but our hero managed to be very scarce on words despite writing ‘a whole bunch’ of them.

Here’s West’s post on Twitter regarding Bill Cosby’s situation: “Bill Cosby INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!”

In case you weren’t following, the legendary comedian has been accused for sexual assault and aggravation multiple times over the past few years, but it was only recently decided that he will actually go to trial after his plead to dismiss charges was denied.

(Un)fortunately for Cosby, he has Kanye West to stand by his side and give him his full support in the form of sophisticated comments and statements. Yeah, right.