15 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers


Celebrities are often considered as people who like to live on the wild side of life. They enjoy almost every vice, whether it’s drinking, gambling, or drugs.

However, there is one thing many celebs, like us normal folk, enjoy the most – smoking. And while some might consider it a nasty habit and might connect certain bad boys and girls of Hollywood with it, there are some famous people that you never would’ve thought smoked.

With that in mind, here are 15 most surprising celebrity smokers that might appear innocent on the outside, while actually having a dirty, little secret of their own.

1. Rihanna

This Caribbean sex-symbol managed to find her way to stardom not by causing scandals, but by pure talent. And since Rihanna always promoted her controversy-free life, she’s among the last celeb that we would point out as a smoker.

But despite her good girl image, Rihanna openly admitted that she is a heavy smoker and that she needs to quit the nasty habit. As she said in an interview: “I have to start looking after my voice, I know it’s not good for me or my look.”

Aside from her voice, this pop star can also worry about lung cancer and emphysema. But let’s hope she stops smoking before any of that happens!