11 Most Illogical Movie Endings


If you are the type of person who looks for consistency in plot lines, this article may turn your stomach. If you are are the type of person who hates a twist ending that doesn’t make sense, then you might be put off by what you are about to read.

If you are the type of person who wants movie endings to make sense, then this article might just drive you mad because it contains eleven of the most illogical movie endings in cinema history.

If you are brave enough to read on… well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Take caution as well if you don’t want to read spoilers. There are a few in the list.

1. Halloween 5 (1989)

Maybe by the time they got to the fifth movie in the franchise they had simply run out of good ideas for endings.

Whatever the case may be, the ending to “Halloween 5” left movie viewers wondering what had happened.

At the end of the film, Michael Myers is locked in a cell at the local police station, but he escapes when a phantom-like figure, dressed in black, storms the station, kills everyone, and frees Myers.

The Internet is awash, 25 years later, with many questions about the ending to the fifth movie and who the mysterious man in black might have been.

It turns out, however, that all you need to do to figure out the end of the fifth movie is to watch the “Halloween 6”. That’s right, the producers of the Halloween franchise clearly had a sixth movie planned before they even knew how the fifth would do in the box office.

We won’t spoil the surprise entirely, but suffice it to say that the sixth movie fully explains the ending of the fifth. We doubt it will do much to assuage those looking to explain the very illogical sequence of events in the Halloween 5.